Autonomous trucks are built on collaboration, not competition

Partnerships between tech companies and truckmakers indicate that a period of consolidation is underway. By Freddie Holmes

Special report: The autonomous truck

Early interest in the autonomous truck centred around platooning, but efforts have quickly turned toward solutions that can take drivers out of the loop. Progress has been catalysed by the emergence of new tech start-ups, and on the face of it, truckmakers appear to be playing catch up. But is there more to the story?

Collaboration has proven critical to innovation around autonomous driving. Truckmakers are keen to secure a position in this rapidly growing sector, and start-ups are seeking closer relationships with potential customers. By working together, there are benefits on offer for both sides.

Steve Patton, Mobility Sector Leader, Americas at Ernst & Young (EY), expects that partnerships and mergers will continue to fuel progress in autonomous truck technology. “I suspect we will see many…