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Data-driven mind-set starts to reboot bus systems

Buses have not always kept up with changing demographics and demand patterns, but that's all about to change, writes Megan Lampinen

While technological developments and changing consumer attitudes reshape the wider automotive segment, the bus segment has escaped much of the impact. Until now. Johan Herrlin, Chief Executive of transport data expert Ito World, believes 2018 could be a big year for buses. He expects to see growing activity around the ‘pseudo-scheduled’ market in particular, a niche that has already drawn interest from existing companies like Ford’s Chariot.

However, apps in this space demand masses of data and smart analysis to determine where the current gaps are and how they can fill them. For example, London’s Citymapper Smartbus project kicked off last year and is gathering data to ‘rethink’ how buses and routes operate with the aim of improving efficiency. Herlinn expects to see more of the same in the twelve months ahead. As he told Automotive World, the humble bus is about to get a reboot….

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