27th April 1:38pm Stuttgart | 5:08pm Mumbai | 7:38am Detroit

Comprehensive data pipelines for automotive AI

Appen’s Rahul Parundekar and Andrea Butkovic provide insight into why high-quality annotated training data is essential for effective autonomous drive AI systems.

21st April 1:38pm Stuttgart | 5:08pm Mumbai | 7:38am Detroit

Delivering resilient, ultra-high-speed in-vehicle connectivity

Daniel Shwartzberg of Valens discusses the challenges faced by automakers with regards to in-vehicle connectivity and identifies some of the technical solutions that are available to them.

17th April 10:16am Stuttgart | 1:46pm Mumbai | 4:16am Detroit

Connectivity and the future of transportation

CVTA President Scott McCormick discusses the role that connectivity will play in the future of transportation, and explains the importance of the shift from reactive to preventative safety.

14th April 12:23pm Stuttgart | 3:53pm Mumbai | 6:23am Detroit

5G in automotive and smart transportation

Leo Gergs of ABI Research discusses 5G applications and use cases in the automotive and smart transportation sectors, and explains how the technology will support safer, more efficient road traffic.

3rd April 11:46am Stuttgart | 3:16pm Mumbai | 5:46am Detroit

Thermal management strategies for electric vehicles

AVL’s Michael Bires explains how effective thermal management strategies can help automakers improve the efficiency of electric vehicles.

27th March 1:03pm Stuttgart | 5:33pm Mumbai | 8:03am Detroit

How to design a vehicle security operations center

Upstream Security’s Dan Sahar provides insight into the requirements and best practices for designing a security operation center for connected vehicles.

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Automotive World Magazine – March 2023

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