How do you secure the autonomous vehicle?

Automotive World presents a special report on the importance of cyber security for autonomous vehicles

Special report: How do you secure the autonomous vehicle?

Automakers, suppliers, cyber security experts and other stakeholders share expert and exclusive insight into AV cyber security; the report underlines the importance of ensuring the technology is free from external interference, and emphasises the need to assure consumers that the technology is safe for all vehicle occupants and roads users alike.

In this report:

  • Executive summary
  • New approach to cyber security needed for connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Security must become part of basic vehicle design
  • Regulatory uncertainty over AV cyber security is limiting development
  • Digital I.D. and authentication vital for automotive cyber security
  • AV success requires expertise at every step of the development process
  • Collaboration essential in combatting cyber security threats
  • It’s time to recognise the defensive potential of open source
  • OTA updates and honeypots currently best automotive anti-virus
  • Companies must work with ethical hackers to maximise cyber potential
  • No cyber security, no autonomous vehicle revolution

 Special report: How do you secure the autonomous vehicle?’ features an exclusive article by Wolf Richter, Partner at McKinsey & Company, as well as exclusive insight from industry experts, including:

  • Faye Francy, Executive Director, Auto-ISAC
  • Dennis Nobelius Chief Executive, Zenuity
  • Yoni Heilbronn, Chief Marketing Officer, Argus Cyber Security
  • Yuval Weisglass, Vice President of Automotive Cybersecurity, Harman
  • Ralf Schedel, Head of Sales for Cyber Security, G+D Mobile Security
  • David Lindgren, Head of IT Architecture and Cybersecurity, Zenuity