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Special report: Vehicle painting & coating

 Special report: Vehicle painting & coating

The paintshop has long been, and remains, one of the highest consumers of power in vehicle manufacturing. Automotive World talks to OEMs and suppliers about developments in paintshop technology and the future of automotive painting and coating in the face of increasingly stringent environmental regulations, increasingly demanding consumer requirements and close scrutiny of the bottom line.

In this report:

  • Automotive painting and coating sector – a quick guide
  • Volkswagen discusses the paintshop of the future
  • Adaptability essential for CV paint and coating suppliers
  • Vehicle paint options influenced by art, science and fashion
  • Vans in tanks: CV manufacturers embrace paintshop innovation
  • Coating suppliers stay agile as material mix complexity increases
  • Customisation critical for performance and luxury OEMs
  • OEMs want productivity boosts from paint suppliers
  • Auto sector pre-treatment focuses on cost and environment
  • Paint it green: suppliers strive for sustainable paintshops

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