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Special report: Artificial intelligence and the auto industry

 Special report: Artificial intelligence and the auto industry

Cars are beginning to see, think and make decisions. We’re a long way from the rise of the machines, but the prospect of intelligent cars is now very real – so much so that OEMs are investing billions in artificial intelligence.

This Automotive World special report explores the opportunities for AI in the auto industry, with exclusive insight from OEMs, suppliers and industry analysts

In this report:

  • Artificial intelligence is poised to take over your car and your life – are you ready?
  • Artificial intelligence – the brain at the heart of the autonomous car
  • Dystopian future for artificial intelligence unlikely, says Daimler futurist
  • Jumping to conclusions – how quick-thinking artificial intelligence makes for safer cars
  • Agility and focus give start-ups the lead in the race for artificial intelligence
  • Cameras get smart in the push for driverless cars
  • Artificial intelligence could make driverless cars the ultimate personal assistants
  • Artificial intelligence helps driverless taxis get to ‘know’ their cities
  • Auto industry eyes near-term benefits of ‘super human’ artificial intelligence
  • Intelligent cars, made by intelligent robots

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