Special report: Advances in steering technology

Automotive World talks to OEMs and suppliers about developments in steering technology for light and commercial vehicle applications

Special report: Advances in steering technology

From mechanical and hydraulic to electrically-assisted and steer-by-wire solutions, and from front-wheel steering to rear-wheel and all-wheel steering technology, the way we change a vehicle’s direction continues to evolve. Apart from the addition of electronics and fingertip controls, however, little has changed in terms of the steering wheel itself. Could autonomous drive technology lead to retractable steering wheels, and even to the wheel’s removal altogether?

OEMs and suppliers discuss the evolution of automotive steering technology in this exclusive Automotive World special report.

In this report:

  • Technical necessity and user adoption will drive steering developments
  • Autonomous driving won’t dull demand for great steering-feel, says BMW
  • Electrified trucks could hold the key to advanced steering and ADAS
  • The race is on to deliver active steering to HD trucking
  • Tomorrow’s steering could be fail-operational, and customisable
  • Steering wheel-free: pure fantasy, or inevitability?
  • A new dimension: electrification and autonomy for complete lateral control
  • Further complexity ahead for steering suppliers as autonomy branches out
  • Eight trends in vehicle steering technology
  • Human drivers behind the wheel for another 20 years, says designer

‘Special report: Advances in steering technology’ features an industry overview from Mark Bunger, VP of Research at Lux Research, as well as exclusive interviews with:

  • Juergen Guldner, VP and Head of Axles, Steering Technology and Vertical Dynamics, BMW
  • Trevor Milton, Chief Executive, Nikola Motors
  • Marcus Parche, Executive Vice President for Research, Development and Passenger Car Steering Systems, Robert Bosch Automotive Steering
  • Brian Darling, Product Line Executive for Adjacent Markets and Global Hydraulic Product Line, Nexteer
  • Jeff Zuraski, Executive Director of Future Engineering, Nexteer
  • Frank Rinderknecht, Chief Executive, Rinspeed
  • Marcel Mayer, Head of Research Centre for Urban Mobility, Schaeffler
  • Raphael Fischer, Head of Product Group E-Wheel and Mechatronics, Schaeffler
  • Thilo Bitzer, Senior Vice President Engineering Steering Systems, ZF