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XPeng unveils cutting edge features at 2020 Tech Day releases 2nd Smart Car Operations Report

XPeng Inc., a leading Chinese smart electric vehicle (“Smart EV”) company, this week released its 2nd Smart Car Operations Report, following its 2nd annual Tech Day where the company unveiled its newly developed cutting edge autonomous driving and in-car smart features

XPeng Inc., a leading Chinese smart electric vehicle (“Smart EV”) company, this week released its 2nd Smart Car Operations Report, following its 2nd annual Tech Day where the company unveiled its newly developed cutting edge autonomous driving and in-car smart features.

“2020 to 2022 is a period of gaining significant momentum for the Smart EV sector which will rapidly accelerate from 2023 to 2025 and a create massive disruption to traditional ICE vehicles,” said He Xiaopeng, Chairman & CEO of XPeng.

“End-to-end R&D, data-driven capabilities and fast growth are three initiatives needed for a company to gain long-term competitive advantages and dominant market share, Chairman He added.

At its 2nd Tech Day, XPeng launched 18 firmware OTA updates, adding 82 new features to its vehicles. The voice assistant’s average monthly utilization rate reached 99.74% and in-car navigation utilization rate achieved 92.54%, according to XPeng’s 2020 Smart Car Operations Report.

XPeng’s autonomous driving system XPILOT 3.0, planned for release in the first quarter of 2021, will provide Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) for highways and memory auto parking for carparks. These new features address some of the major challenges for drivers in China.

Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP)

Built on XPILOT 3.0, the NGP highway solution enables autonomous driving from point A to point B. The solution will be available on all of China’s major highways with high-precision digital maps and will be the most advanced navigation guided autonomous driving system for production models in China.

The NGP system incorporates driving scenarios specific to China such as traffic cone recognition and avoidance, large truck avoidance, night overtaking reminders, faulty vehicle avoidance, and vehicle follow on congested roads. It can also handle adverse weather conditions, complex roads and locations without GPS signals.

The solution will be the only 360° dual-perception system in the industry with optimal identification of automobile surroundings with the most powerful positioning capabilities in production.

Memory Auto Parking

The XPILOT 3.0 will feature a Memory Parking functionality for parking lots. This feature will recognize side-front parking spaces and cover “the last mile” of parking with the ability to avoid obstacles, plan routes and park with extreme precision. The feature is the world’s first auto parking system for production vehicles that does not require any car park modifications.

“Our core competitive advantage is our end-to-end in-house developed software for autonomous driving. In the past few years, we have developed a full range of self-developed R&D and implemented these advanced technologies into our models. There are only two auto makers in the world that have end-to-end autonomous driving capabilities and XPeng is one of them,” said XinZhou Wu, Vice President of Autonomous Driving at XPeng.

World’s first All Voice In-car System

XPeng also introduced another update of its Xmart OS operating system with the world’s first All Voice In-car System, able to deliver the majority of in-car functions. The updated system is the world’s first in-car voice system that responds to continuous driver-vehicle dialogues and is able to execute 10 voice commands every 25 seconds.

“Driver-vehicle interaction technology has evolved from physical buttons to touch screens, to today’s voice commands,” said Ji YU, Vice President of Internet at XPeng.  Xmart OS is now the world’s first open-end vehicle hardware system which allows third-party applications to access vehicle status and data to produce tailor-made infotainment. It also has a unique programmable smart lighting system where users can personalize its lighting effects in the future.

Smart Car by Numbers – 2020 Xpeng Operations Report*

XPeng’s 2nd annual Smart Car Operations Report is based on data from XPeng vehicles from Jan 1, 2020 to Sep 30, 2020. The report illustrates the Smart Cars’ most appealing aspects and how customers value smart features.

  • Firmware OTA launched – 18 times in the past 20 months
  • New features added – 82 items
  • Voice assistant monthly average utilization rate – 99.74%
  • In-car navigation utilization rate – 92.54%

Intelligence Makes Driving Easier

Driving range

  • Longest distance driven by a single vehicle – 3,784 km
  • Accumulative monthly mileage driven by all users – 30,300,000 km

Auto Parking

  • Average monthly obstacle avoidance – 9,585 times
  • Average monthly auto parking – 88,000 times
  • lAverage time taken for auto parking – 32.3 seconds

ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)

  • Utilization rate/month – 65.59%
  • Average distance driven/month – 2,286,000 km
  • Distance driven/car/day – 24.6 km

LCC (Lane Centering Control)

  • Utilization rate/month – 42.48%
  • Distance driven/month – 1,127,000 km
  • Distance driven/car/day – 21.7 km

Intelligence Makes Interaction Easier

  •  Voice Assistant “Xiao P” total activation – 17,910,000 times
  • Intelligent recommendations provided – 4,484,000 items
  • Intelligent navigation routes recommended by voice assistant – 19,170,000 routes


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