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Webasto: significant increase in electromobility order volume

The German automotive supplier looks back on a successful year. Its battery, electric heater and charging solutions business surged ahead in 2022.

Stockdorf – December 15, 2022 – Top 100 automotive supplier Webasto booked orders worth some 2.8 billion euros in the past twelve months with its battery, charging and electric heating systems. Incoming orders for 2022 in this field of business have therefore more than doubled compared with the previous year and the company has once again come a big step closer to its goal of making electromobility Webasto’s second strong mainstay.

In particular, the market trend for electric car traction batteries has been highly positive in recent times. For example, Webasto received a follow-up order in 2022 for a further large-volume project from Hyundai-Kia. Orders for electric car batteries were also received from three European vehicle manufacturers. The overall order volume of these four projects amounts to some 1.9 billion euros over their respective terms. The battery systems for these orders will be manufactured at Schierling in Germany, Dangjin in South Korea, and at an additional plant that Webasto expects to open in Slovakia in 2024.

Fast charging systems from Bavaria

Webasto’s new charging solution projects account for an order volume amounting to some 800 million euros. For instance, production of fast charging systems for our customer Charge-V will commence in Schierling in 2023. Representatives of both companies signed a corresponding four-year contract in mid-October 2022. Each system comprises a modular power unit from which up to three DC charging points can each be supplied with a maximum of 160 kilowatts (kW). The unit’s high output allows vehicles to be charged extremely rapidly, giving them enough power to drive off again and cover longer distances.

Moreover, Webasto will start production of a so-called vehicle-to-load (V2L) plug for a European automaker next year. This will allow a range of electrical devices to be powered directly from the electric car’s charging port.

Heater production capacity doubles

In 2022, an order volume of 60 million euros was attributable to the electric high-voltage heater (HVH) business for installation in various electric vehicles. Among others, Webasto will launch a 12 kW, 800-volt coolant heater, which is a particularly compelling proposition for large vehicles such as trucks.

In terms of passenger cars, the HVH 100 will be the only 800-volt heater installed during the course of series production worldwide. It boasts an impressive efficiency of over 95 percent and, at 10 kW, is the most powerful passenger car unit on the market. To meet the high demand, the Webasto Group is investing 16 million euros in doubling its production capacity at its Neubrandenburg site by 2024.

Webasto CTO Marcel Bartling comments, “The well-filled order books offer the best proof that Webasto has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the electromobility market. In recent months, we have succeeded in setting the course for a successful future.”

Not only has the order situation been very positive recently, but electromobility solution sales for 2022 are also expected to be significantly higher than the previous year’s figure of 155 million euros. Dr. Holger Engelmann, Chairman of the Management Board of Webasto SE, will present a detailed overview of the financial figures next year.

SOURCE: Webasto

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