Virus protection at customer services: Omniplus Service Centres pay particular attention to health issues

‘Safety first’ is one of the most important principles for the bus brands Mercedes-Benz and Setra from Daimler Buses

‘Safety first’ is one of the most important principles for the bus brands Mercedes-Benz and Setra from Daimler Buses. In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, customer services must take particular care in order to minimise the risk of infection. That is why the Omniplus service brand from Daimler Buses has now specified strict rules for the protection against infection for all its own operations in Germany.

“The health of our customers, their passengers and our employees is our top priority,” Ulrich Bastert, Head of Marketing, Sales and Customer Services at Daimler Buses emphasises. “Accordingly, the requirements are strict when a Mercedes-Benz or Setra bus comes into our workshop for servicing or repairs. Our employees in each Service Centre take great care that the risk of virus infection is minimised,” Bastert continues.

Professional driver’s cab door with partition screen

The safety of city and inter-city bus drivers is also given the highest priority at Daimler Buses. For this reason both brands, Mercedes-Benz and Setra, are offering a driver’s cab door with a full-width partition. These retrofit solutions made of safety glass or high-quality polycarbonate are available for the Mercedes-Benz Citaro and the Setra LE business and are in the preparation phase for other model series.

Customers can choose between completely closed versions or variants with openings for ticket sales and cut-outs for an integrated ticket counter. The driver’s cab doors comply with all legal specifications and allow the bus driver an unobstructed view of the right-hand outside mirror through the windscreen as well as the inside rearview mirror at all times.

Omniplus On eShop: accurate ordering of replacement parts for buses online

At present bus companies benefit particularly from Omniplus On commerce and the associated Omniplus On eShop. With just a few clicks it provides direct and fast access to the complete range of spare parts. Particularly in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic when personal contacts are reduced to a minimum, this is a valuable service for safeguarding the procurement of spare parts.

The Omniplus On eShop offers the complete product portfolio of the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands. Furthermore, even the individual fleet of each bus company is integrated into the eShop. The eShop’s range also includes specified spare parts for selected vehicles. With just one click it’s possible to see availability at your preferred Service Centre. Customers can find those spare parts that are in greatest demand via the QuickCollect access option. The parts are clearly represented in 14 general parts categories.

Thorough cleaning and ventilation reduce the risk of infection

This begins with receiving the vehicle outdoors without direct contact in the Service Centre’s yard. Inside the building floor markings in the customer contact area help everyone to maintain the prescribed social distancing. All of the areas are being cleaned more frequently and disinfectant dispensers are available. Ordered spare parts are handed over by placing them on a counter.

No matter whether it’s the vehicle key, the steering wheel or operating buttons – all of the bus parts that are touched are cleaned thoroughly. Above all, the employees ventilate the vehicles thoroughly – always for 20 minutes outdoors prior to moving the vehicle and also before handing the bus back over to the customer. Anyone who wishes to dispense with the journey to the Service Centre can use the collection and delivery service.

SOURCE: Daimler

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