Vauxhall Motors open for business

#StayConnected showcases Vauxhall employees coming to the forefront to help the UK

Vauxhall Motors has brought together employees across its Retailers, UK Manufacturing sites, Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, to send a personal message to its customers, that they remain there to support them during this challenging time.

#StayConnected tells a story, through its employees, on how Vauxhall is coming to the forefront and helping those who need it most during the lockdown via their workshops, aftersales and through exclusive online offers.

It focuses on the vehicles Vauxhall is delivering and keeping on the roads to ensure key workers deliver medicines, food and other essential items needed up and down the country.

Vauxhall is supporting its customers and key workers by staying open to support maintenance and repair. Whilst Retailer showrooms currently remain closed, sales of new and used cars and vans can be completed online with home delivery in line with social distancing guidelines.

Vauxhall’s website allows customers to look at models available and talk by phone to dedicated agents who can support the customer to choose the perfect vehicle for them and to arrange the financing through Vauxhall’s partners at Vauxhall Finance and Free2Move Lease. The transaction can be completed entirely online.

The offer is only available during the COVID19 period and it represents outstanding value for customers who need a vehicle in these challenging times

Customers who are keen to take advantage of the offer but do not need the vehicle immediately, can reserve one of the limited vehicles, place a reservation fee supported by Vauxhall’s telephone contact centre and have that delivered normally by their Retailer once lockdown is lifted.

The film includes one of the 22 Luton Plant employees who have transferred across to Smith’s Medical of Luton, a manufacturer of ventilators, authorised by the NHS and used in ambulances across the UK. Vauxhall’s loan of these skilled employees will assist in increasing production from 100 to 1000’s of these valuable ventilators needed on the frontline to help keep people alive.

Retailers, workshops, factories and those now working from home, all demonstrate how Vauxhall is working to benefit Britain. The social film ends with Stephen Norman, Managing Director of Vauxhall Motors urging people to stay safe and stay parked.

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SOURCE: Vauxhall