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TRATON GROUP increases unit sales and incoming orders by more than a third in 2021

The TRATON GROUP’s unit sales were up 43% on the previous year in 2021 at 271,600 vehicles

The TRATON GROUP recorded a very sharp year-on-year increase in its unit sales and incoming orders in 2021 despite the continuing influence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficulties in the supply of semiconductors. All of the Group’s brands contributed to this success. Higher figures were reported in both the truck business and the business with buses and MAN TGE vans. At 271,600 (2020: 190,200) vehicles, the TRATON GROUP’s unit sales worldwide were 43% higher than in the previous year. Without taking into account the Company’s US subsidiary Navistar, which was consolidated in the second half of 2021, the increase in unit sales would have amounted to 27%.

Trucks were the main contributors to the increase with 230,500 (2020: 156,400) vehicles sold, 47% more than in the previous year. Unit sales of MAN TGE vans came in at 22,200 (2020: 17,600) vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 26%. The bus business grew 17% to 18,900 (2020: 16,200) vehicles. Unit sales of buses in Europe (EU27+3) in 2020 had been positively impacted by public orders in Sweden. This meant that European bus unit sales in 2021 were down 11% on the previous year.

The TRATON GROUP increased its incoming orders by 66% to 360,000 (2020: 216,200) vehicles in 2021. While incoming orders of trucks posted an increase of 68% to 305,700 (2020: 182,400) vehicles, incoming orders of MAN TGE vans saw growth of 66% to 32,000 (2020: 19,200) vehicles. Incoming orders of buses rose by 52% to 22,200 (2020: 14,600) vehicles. This increase is primarily attributable to Navistar. The TRATON GROUP entered the school bus segment of the North American market in the second half of the year with its new US subsidiary. Excluding Navistar, the TRATON GROUP’s bus orders would have been significantly below the prior-year level. The Group’s book-to-bill ratio, or the ratio of incoming orders to unit sales, was 1.33 (2020: 1.18).

Christian Levin, Chief Executive Officer of the TRATON GROUP: “2021 was a very challenging year, primarily as a result of the supply chain shortages. Thanks to maintaining close ties with our suppliers and the determined dedication of our purchasers, we have been relatively successful in getting to grips with the supply situation. However, the bottlenecks are not over yet: being able to deliver products to our customers as quickly as possible continues to demand our full attention. This is another area where the close collaboration between our brands will be of help. In light of this, my outlook for 2022 is optimistic.”


Scania increased its unit sales of trucks and buses by 25% to 90,400 (2020: 72,100) vehicles in 2021. Unit sales of trucks rose by 28% to 85,900 (2020: 66,900) vehicles, whereas bus unit sales were down 15% year-on-year at 4,400 (2020: 5,200) vehicles. The prior-year period had been positively impacted by public orders in Sweden. Scania lifted its incoming orders by 26% to 116,800 (2020: 92,900) vehicles in 2021.

Total unit sales at MAN Truck & Bus were up by 15% at 93,700 (2020: 81,700) vehicles. While truck unit sales rose by 14% to 66,800 (2020: 58,700), unit sales of buses were down 13% year-on-year at 4,600 (2020: 5,300) vehicles. Unit sales of MAN TGE vans totaled 22,200 (2020: 17,600) vehicles, an increase of 26%. MAN Truck & Bus’s incoming orders were 69% higher than in the prior-year period at 143,500 (2020: 84,900) vehicles.

Navistar has been consolidated in the TRATON GROUP since July 1, 2021. Navistar reported unit sales of 30,300 vehicles in the period from July to December with 25,100 trucks and 5,200 buses sold. Incoming orders came in at 42,600 vehicles.

Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus increased its unit sales by 55% to 57,400 (2020: 37,000) vehicles in 2021, mainly as a result of the higher demand in Brazil. Truck unit sales grew by 69% to 52,800 (2020: 31,200) vehicles, whereas the bus business declined by 20% to 4,600 (2020: 5,700) vehicles. VWCO lifted its incoming orders by 48% to 57,200 (2020: 38,800) vehicles.

SOURCE: Traton

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