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The electric future is now: Webasto in the new Lotus Eletre

Webasto delivers intelligent and efficient automated driving and electromobility solutions for Lotus’ all-electric SUV

A textbook example of successful transformation on four wheels: Webasto and the Lotus sports car brand are ushering in a new era of electromobility and automated driving. The new, all-electric Lotus Eletre is packed with systems expertise from the German Top 100 automotive supplier.

The Roof Sensor Module

The so-called “Hyper” SUV is equipped with the world’s first retractable roof sensor module. Alongside the Lidar sensor, the system of Webasto also integrates sensor availability technologies into the roof in a visually appealing manner. The cleaning system and the movement and drive mechanism, among others, ensure best possible system availability under a range of different conditions. This is where the core mechatronics design and systems integration competencies of Webasto come to the forefront. The module was developed in collaboration between the German and Chinese Webasto sites Stockdorf, Hengersberg, Augsburg, Gilching, Shanghai and Wuhan.

Wallbox and mobile charging cable

The charging solutions manufactured by Webasto for Lotus meet all global requirements. The intelligent wallbox has a charging capacity of up to 22 kilowatts (kW). The mobile charging cables can be easily connected to any household or industrial socket for simple and uncomplicated charging at home or on the road.

The 800-volt high-voltage heater 100

The 800-volt coolant heater installed in the all-electric SUV is the world’s first to enter series production. With an efficiency greater than 95 percent, this high-voltage heater from Webasto is really impressive. Offering an output of 10 kW, this heater is the most powerful passenger car unit on the market.

“Our solutions in the new Lotus Eletre are proof of our successful transformation: from a classic automotive supplier making roofs and parking heaters to a partner fully engaged in using its mechatronics and electric vehicle competences to actively shape the future of mobility in its entire spectrum” says Freddy Geeraerds, Member of the Management Board of Webasto SE and globally responsible for the roof business.

SOURCE: Webasto

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