The 2022 CES: Citroën exhibits its innovative vision of mobility with two strong proposals: the Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision concept and Citroën Ami

At the heart of the Stellantis experience from 5 to 8 January at the 2022 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, a world-leading electronics, technology and innovation event, Citroën is proud to share its vision of current and future mobility in the shape of two strong innovations: Citroën Skate and Citroën Ami

The concept of autonomous mobility Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision and Citroën Ami made the trip to Las Vegas to surprise and seduce the CES audience by highlighting Citroën’s know-how and innovation to meet the mobility challenges present and future.

Urban mobility is changing rapidly. Faced with the challenges of reducing their carbon footprint, large cities are restricting their access to the most polluting vehicles. Hence the absolute need to imagine sustainable mobility solutions that are relevant and adapted to the needs of users, who demand cleaner, safer and more accessible vehicles.

For Citroën, the mobility of tomorrow could be clean, shared, autonomous and connected. Its Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision concept perfectly embodies this philosophy by offering tailor-made trips around associated experiences and services. It is no longer necessary to concentrate on driving a vehicle, Citroën gives you time to enjoy your experience during your journey.

Ami is an integral part of Citroën’s electrification strategy and has found its place in the micro-mobility market, creating a new segment: that of the two-seater, ultra-compact electric quadricycle, accessible by age and by its price, protector, an alternative to two wheels and public transport. Multi-purpose, it is shared within the family when adolescents agree to lend it to their parents.

“Getting around is an integral part of our social and professional life. So much so that our entire environment is structured around transport. It is essential to anticipate the mobility needs of tomorrow. Also electric mobility and autonomous mobility are at the heart of our thinking and our technological advances. The new Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision concept could well redefine the framework for urban travel : shared, electric, autonomous and connected. 

As for Ami, this small phenomenon of electric mobility has already conquered more than 14,000 consumers in Europe since its launch in mid 2020 and is creating a new segment, between two wheels and the car. It thus responds to new needs and satisfies a new generation of customers seeking mobility and individual freedom, in particular adolescents and young adults.  

Vincent Cobée, CEO of Citroën

The “Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision” concept prefigures the shared autonomous urban mobility of tomorrow

Through its Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision concept, Citroën anticipates the urban mobility needs of tomorrow and puts its technological know-how at the service of the well-being of users while respecting the environment and optimizing traffic conditions in town.

This autonomous open-source concept aims to make traffic flow in the city in an inventive way and provide users with an original and soothing experience during which they just have to let themselves be carried away. To optimize city traffic, a fleet of autonomous and interconnected robots, the Citroën Skates, separate from the capsules (pods) they transport, will run on dedicated lanes perfectly integrated into the urban landscape. Skates act as vectors of mobility allowing the different capsules, created by various service companies, to position themselves on their platform. Thus, users have access to the service of their choice 24/7, for example enjoying a cozy environment to read a book, watch a video in peace, listen to music while having a drink or even play sports while on the move.

This shared stand-alone solution has a number of advantages. It allows both to relieve congestion in large metropolises and to reduce their carbon footprint since it is electric, multi-use and much less expensive than an individual autonomous vehicle.

The dissemination of this approach is therefore based on an optimal use of resources by working the entire ecosystem: capsules, Citroën Skates, dedicated lanes, fleet management.

Citroën Ami,, an unprecedented sustainable mobility object with a success in Europe

Ami perfectly embodies Citroën’s values ​​of innovation, a strong interest in societal issues, and the desire to offer mobility without CO2 emissions.

This micro-mobility object has created a new segment on this market by its accessibility (from 14 years old in France) and by its price, its small size which makes it easy to drive and park and allows two people to be transported side by side. , a stress-free recharge in just 3 hours on a simple 220V socket, by its protective side (against shocks and bad weather) and by its endearing personality.

Citroën Ami is a real popular phenomenon. This is evidenced by the very large community of fans which has built up in a few months, customers who express themselves on social networks exchanging good practices or competing for ideas to personalize their Friend. Its success in Europe exceeds our expectations: more than 14,000 orders have already been placed since its launch and 80% of customers are new customers for Citroën.

Its success is also linked to the whole new ecosystem developed specifically for Ami, starting with its entirely digital journey which takes consumers from discovery to online purchase, to home delivery, home trials or new distribution channels that enrich our 200 participating Citroën dealers, such as the 40 Ami-approved Fnac and Darty stores or even customer ambassadors driving their Friends on a daily basis, our 50 “My Ami Superfans” who pass on their passion to all those who need reinsurance before validating their order.

SOURCE: Citroën

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