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SYSGO and Candera present graphical hypervisor-based automotive HMI solution

SYSGO and Candera have built a comprehensive automotive platform which fulfils the demands of a modern car IT architecture

SYSGO and Candera have built a comprehensive automotive platform which fulfils the demands of a modern car IT architecture. The platform is based on Candera’s Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) design tool CGI Studio and SYSGO’s Secure Automotive Connectivity Platform (SACoP). It provides solutions for safety critical applications such as digital cockpits as well as convenience functionality like vehicle infotainment systems. The internal car infrastructure is protected by means of the secure and extendible gateway which involves the surveillance of connectivity channels as for instance LTE, Ethernet, Wi-fi and CAN.

The reference implementation is built upon two boards, one with an R-CAR H3 board from Renesas and another one with an STMicroelectronics Telemaco3P processor.

The digital cockpit and an in-vehicle infotainment system (IVI) run on the Renesas board. These applications were created with the fully scalable and hardware independent CGI Studio. Both displays (cluster & IVI) smoothly communicate with each other. This is possible due to Candera’s powerful messaging and data binding tool Courier Interaction Framework for smooth interaction between the HMI application and external data sources. Flexible, interacting scenes, stunning 3D animations and multi-language support are only a few more features that have been realized with Candera’s CGI Studio.

The Telemaco3P processor is the link to the outside world and is the hardware basis for the secure gateway functionality of SACoP. It is also used to supply passengers’ tablets and smartphones with internet access. The software is based on SYSGO’s Automotive Connectivity Platform. SACoP takes advantage of the real-time operating system and hypervisor PikeOS. It allows critical and non-critical tasks to be operated simultaneously on one system and guarantees information security by protecting data transfers through strict encapsulation and separation of all communication channels. The partitioning mechanism is complemented by a secure boot process, an integrated intrusion detection system and a firewall, thus satisfying demanding cybersecurity needs. The feature rich intrusion detection system is executed within ELinOS, SYSGO’s robust industrial Linux distribution, long term supported and suitable for automobiles. ELinOS itself is running as a guest operating system on top of PikeOS. The development environment provides a flexible software framework that helps customers design their software architecture.


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