Suzuki launches Suzuki Global Ventures, a corporate venture capital fund

Collaborating with start-ups to create products and services that matter to Suzuki’s customers and the world

Suzuki Motor Corporation (hereinafter “Suzuki”) announces the launch of Suzuki Global Ventures (hereinafter “SGV”), a Silicon Valley (USA) based corporate venture capital fund in October 2022.

Suzuki launched SGV to provide values that customers and society demand and deserve. We will accelerate the co-creation activities between Suzuki and start-ups, and create new businesses and business models. By making SGV the access point of the start-up ecosystem, Suzuki aims to make investments that will address issues faced by customers and society not only in Japan but globally including the United States and India. Suzuki also hopes for SGV to contribute to the development of an ecosystem of collaboration and innovation between large corporations and start-ups.

Message from the President, Toshiro Suzuki

“Suzuki also began as a small start-up focused on making looming machines in 1920. Suzuki’s founding story goes back to when our founder Michio Suzuki created the innovative and user-friendly pedal-driven looming machine with the hopes of helping his mother, who had to work hard to weave cotton cloth.
Since its founding, Suzuki has been making it our mission to serve society by putting ourselves in the customers’ shoes and understanding their point of view. Our roots of always striving to “solve customers’ problems” remain unchanged.
Through SGV, we look forward to taking the same steps toward addressing social issues by collaborating and innovating with the start-ups that share Suzuki’s mission.”

Outline of a corporate venture capital fund, Suzuki Global Ventures

NameSuzuki Global Ventures (SGV)
(registered name: Suzuki Global Ventures, L.P.)
EstablishmentOctober 2022
Investment amount100 million US Dollars
Investment fieldsSustainability (Mobility / Carbon neutrality / Agritech) / Healthtech / Industry 4.0 / DX / Fintech, etc.
Type of investmentsDirect and VC fund investments
Fund ManagerWorld Innovation Lab (WiL)

SOURCE: Suzuki

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