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Suzuki invests in Glydways

Suzuki Motor Corporation has invested in Glydways, Inc.

Suzuki Motor Corporation (hereinafter “Suzuki”) has invested in Glydways, Inc. (Headquarters: California, USA; CEO: Gokul Hemmady; hereinafter “Glydways”).

Glydways is a startup company based in the US that develops on-demand Personal Rapid Transit of autonomous, battery-operated compact electric vehicles with the size of minivehicles traveling on dedicated lanes. Their mission is to revolutionize urban mobility through their new traffic system that is more efficient and convenient with lower infrastructure and operating costs.
In addition to the investment, Suzuki and Glydways have begun discussions about partnering on vehicle development and manufacturing.

Comment from President Suzuki

“We have a keen interest in the Glydways mission to solve traffic issues globally by using their compact vehicles and lightweight, dedicated infrastructure. Their solution has much in common with Suzuki’s ‘Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, and Beauty’ philosophy, and we would like to support Glydways in achieving its vision by offering our expertise, experience, and technology for making small cars.”

Outline of Glydways

– Company name: Glydways, Inc.
– Headquarters: South San Francisco, California USA
– Representative (CEO): Gokul Hemmady
– Foundation: 2016
– Business outline: On-demand Personal Rapid Transit
– URL:

SOURCE: Suzuki

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