Subaru debuts Forester Wilderness in North America

Second Wilderness model in Subaru SUV lineup

Subaru Corporation unveiled the 2022 Forester Wilderness (exclusive model for North American Market) on September 2 (local time in Camden, New Jersey).

The Forester Wilderness is the second model in the Subaru Wilderness family, following the Outback Wilderness (also exclusive to North American market) debuted in March 2021. While offering the same values that Forester has traditionally been providing, including enjoyment and peace of mind, the Forester Wilderness further emphasizes its uniqueness with more tough-and-rugged design, enhanced rough road capability and functionality.

The design of the Forester Wilderness expresses its high functionality and makes it unique in Subaru SUV lineup. The black parts all around the body visually communicate the ruggedness with their bold three-dimensional shapes while practically protecting the body of the SUV. The exclusively designed roof rails, which are about 0.8 inch wider than regular Forester roof rails, have increased maximum load capacity compared to standard Forester models. They have three rope holes on legs on each side, where accented with anodized yellow color, and enhance the functionality of the Forester Wilderness. The interior coordinated with black and gray color is also accented with the same anodized yellow color. With the functional features including seats wrapped in water-repellent material, the interior of the Forester Wilderness also claims its practicality.

The Forester Wilderness is powered by a 2.5L direct-injection Subaru BOXER engine. With the specially tailored drivetrain and ratios, the SUV delivers more traction on rough roads. An air-cooled CVT fluid cooler exclusively added to Forester Wilderness doubles its towing capacity over other Forester models to 3,000 lbs. Standard all-terrain tires provide higher grip on unstable roads. Furthermore, the suspension that feature exclusive coil springs for Forester Wilderness have expanded the minimum ground clearance of the vehicle to 9.2 inches and provides extra sense of security when driving on rough roads. At the same time, the exclusive suspension suppresses the roll angle during cornering and delivers a sporty driving experience on the road.

In its mid-term business vision “STEP” announced in July 2018, Subaru sets the “enhancement of SUV” as a part of product launch directions. The Forester Wilderness is one of the embodiments of this SUV lineup enhancement.
Subaru will continue to evolve its SUV lineup by always pursuing what makes Subaru “different” and deliver “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” to its customers.

SOURCE: Subaru

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