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Scania’s digitalised tools accelerate the transition to battery electric transport for Axel Johnson

With accurate analyses based on digital tools and extensive data from Axel Johnson’s large truck fleet, Scania supports the company in its transition to battery-electric and sustainable transport

With an annual turnover exceeding SEK 100 billion in 2022, Axel Johnson is one of the largest trade- and service companies in the Nordic region. Its transports are conducted throughout cities, interacting with more than one and a half million customers who buy goods and services every day.

Presently, Axel Johnson companies run several pilots on green energy and battery electric vehicles. A partnership with Scania is now formed to accelerate heavy transports in Axel Johnson companies Dagab (the logistics- and purchasing arm of leading grocery retailer Axfood) and Martin & Servera into green battery electric, something Scania makes possible by using the company’s electric vehicle development as well as experience and broad knowledge in digitalisation.

“We need to make electric transport of goods the new standard. Our transport flow is where we can make a big impact by reducing emissions. With Scania’s extensive access to relevant transport data and expertise in using that data through digitised scenario modelling, they provide us with information on how to organise the scale-up of electric transport responsibly and economically. To us, this is an investment that makes sense” says Mia Brunell Livfors, CEO Axel Johnson.

It is complex to plan and organise an optimal transport flow. Hence the shift to electrification is challenging without the right information at hand at the right time and needs to be practically and financially viable. That is why Scania applies its models and analytic tools to Axel Johnson’s operations to examine how electrified transports can operate and be charged in the most economically viable manner. Scania’s data from more than 600,000 connected vehicles around the world is key to enabling optimised flows and predictability in several fleet- and transport matters.

With connectivity and data, Scania secures an optimised transport system with many possibilities, such as digital locks and night-time deliveries. “Going for electricity is such a major change, that many probably haven’t realised yet just how much work needs to be done, and how urgently we need to consider and use these tools we have at our hands. At Scania, our purpose is to show the way for sustainable transport. To work with such major players as Axel Johnson, Axfood and Martin & Servera in electrification is reassuring in times when the responsibility to decrease the climate impact from society lies in the hands of the business sector. As a group, they do a great part of our goods transports in Sweden. In this collaboration, we will make a big difference together,“ says Mikael Cato, Chief Digital Officer, Scania.

“Electrification and digitalisation go hand in hand when decreasing our climate impact. Scania’s expertise in these areas opens up new business opportunities and allows us to meet the demands of cities and society. We are keen to collaborate and do pilots to explore the new ecosystem of energy supply, storage and vehicle charging. The future of our transports is fully electric, and through our new partnership with Scania, we hope to make that future come sooner,” Brunell Livfors concludes.

SOURCE: Scania

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