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Review of Chery’s performance and honors in Global Market in 2017

n 2017, Chery made many accomplishments in China and in the world. In March and April, it received the China Grand Award of Best Automobiles in Batch Production for 2016, and Most Favored China’s Automotive Brand in Russia, which were granted by CARSTYLING, the world top automotive journal based in Japan and specialized in automotive design, and by the famous Russian automotive media Autopanorama Magazine. In June, Chery, for the first time, sent the batch-production vehicle to 2017 TAKLIMAKAN Rally in China, presenting the exceptional performance and winning the championship. In the same month, the TIGGO family of Chery won the Gold Award for SUV Products for 2016 awarded by the famous automotive magazine Nitro in Peru, and the Best Stand Design Prize at the Guayaquil Auto Show in Ecuador. In December of last year, TIGGO2 and TIGGO7 of Chery won the Best SUV for 2018 and Best Large SUV for 2018 nominated by automotive media in Chile, proving to the world again the extraordinary power of China’s brands.

Chery continued to excel in the global market. In 2017, the brand exported 107,727 units, rising by 22.3% YOY, resulting in 1.3 million units of total exports and ranking the largest passenger vehicle exporter in China for 15 years in a row. Its excellent performance in the overseas markets has made Chery a benchmark of China’s automotive brands actively involved in international competition and setting up a positive brand image. Even more, it is the result of Chery’s efforts to fulfill its global strategy, develop products and promote branding.

Only those brands approaching consumers can get their trust and recognition. In 2017, Chery continued to invest more in sports marketing and digital marketing. In the beginning of 2017, Chery sponsored the Club Deportivo Universidad Católica in Chile; in June, it reached strategic partnership with AFA Cup; in December, it sponsored COPA UC Chery in Chile and worked with Bein Sport, the largest sport channel in North Africa, to live broadcast La Liga. By sponsoring the sport events, in particular the football events, Chery has improved its brand fame and reputation in the overseas markets. Besides, Chery was active to use social media to interact with consumers, organizing a number of interactive activities such as Christmas Carnival, Guess Winners in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers and others. It also organized lucky Chery car owners to travel to China so as to convey Chery’s core brand value Fun to Drive to each and every overseas consumer.

In recent years, Chery keeps taking the leading position in exporting its products. The brand has been deeply rooted in overseas automotive markets in product, brand, service and marketing while obtaining the product competitiveness matching the biggest automotive brands in the world. Chery now has operations in over 80 countries and regions in the world. It has established 10 overseas product facilities, and a network of nearly 1,500 dealers. Besides, Chery has more than six million global users, 1.3 of whom are overseas users. Chery has received numerous praises and upgraded strong brand influence. What the brand has achieved attributes to its excellent R&D team, in which the major members have 15+ years of experience in world-famous automotive manufacturers. Besides, Chery is also active to enroll graduates from universities, who have the spirit of innovation, who will have the opportunity to grow into the master designers of automobiles.

Year 2018 marks a new start for the 21-year-old Chery. Chery will continue to be the leader in international market when its partnership with CAOA in Brazil goes deeper, Chery engineering centers in Iran, Brazil and Europe get completed or commenced, and more sport marketing campaigns are conducted in Central and South America market. In the future, Chery will adhere to making innovations. Relying on competent technologies and flexible marketing tactics, it will bring personalized products to global users and launch products with more competitiveness. At the same time, it will continue to set the pace in the international market and create the image of China brands in the overseas markets through continuous improvements, never-end pursuit for service quality and the ceaseless efforts to bring better products to overseas users.

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