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Polestar selects NZ-based Evnex as preferred home-charging provider in Australia

Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car brand, has selected Evnex as its preferred home-charging hardware provider in Australia

Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car brand, has selected Evnex as its preferred home-charging hardware provider in Australia. With a shared focus on technology and transparency the two companies drive sustainable mobility in a perfect partnership.

Evnex is a New Zealand-based manufacturer of charging equipment, with the nine-year-old company founded on a platform of reducing the carbon footprint of electric-vehicle fleets.

The company uses smart-charging technology to allow customers to prioritise solar or grid energy, account for the unique tariffs and different energy mixes of each state and territory, and balance loading on the grid, charge time, and charging costs.

The 7.4kW Evnex E2 charger, which is manufactured in Christchurch and launched Australia-wide in July 2023, is also the first to offer carbon-monitoring tools, is housed in an enclosure built from 80 per cent bio-circular plastic, and can deliver 40km of driving range per hour.

“Polestar is on a mission to accelerate the shift to sustainable, electric mobility, and looks for partners that share our ambitions and core values. We are therefore delighted to announce our partnership with Evnex as our recommended home-charging supplier in Australia,” says Samantha Johnson, Head of Polestar Australia.

“Evnex’s commitment to sustainable materials and circularity in design will resonate with our customers, while its industry-first carbon-monitoring system will help owners prioritise renewable energy when charging.”

Polestar aims to be a global leader in automotive sustainability and transparency, with carbon-footprint reporting through Life Cycle Assessment of all electric car models, supply chain traceability with blockchain technology — including the ethical sourcing of cobalt — and product sustainability declarations.

Evnex shares Polestar’s commitment to sustainability, equipping its E2 smart charger with the functionality to provide insights to help owners charge from cleaner electricity. It does this by providing a real-time picture of the types of energy being fed into their home and calculates the carbon emissions generated per charge.

“Our technology has been designed to help drivers take better care of the climate by putting the most accurate energy data available at their fingertips. This allows them to make a more informed choice about when to charge and the types of energy they want to use,” says Ed Harvey, Evnex CEO.
“By partnering with leading EV manufacturers like Polestar we hope to empower more Australian EV owners to choose solar, wind and hydro power over fossil fuel to charge their vehicles.”

The Evnex E2 smart charger is now available to all Polestar customers, and can be ordered from the Polestar Australia website.

SOURCE: Polestar

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