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Parkopedia powers new BMW in-vehicle parking payments feature

New service in all vehicles with BMW Operating System 7 and 8 enables drivers to effortlessly pay for parking in Germany and Austria, with plans for further expansion to other European countries in 2023

A new BMW parking payments feature, which utilises Parkopedia’s award-winning In-vehicle Payment Platform to enable seamless parking payment experiences for BMW drivers with a BMW Operating System 7 and 8, is now available in Germany and Austria. The service allows drivers to conveniently find and pay for parking from the comfort of their vehicles, via their infotainment systems or the My BMW App.

The function is activated overnight over-the-air, with no action required by the driver. Once the driver arrives at the chosen parking location, Parkopedia’s deeply integrated payment platform allows for interaction between payable locations and vehicle sensors, prompting the vehicle to automatically display the payment function and suggest the driver pay at applicable locations. If the parking zone allows billing by the minute, the parking transaction automatically ends as soon as the driver leaves the parking location.

Simple setup with Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities

The BMW Parking Payments service offers Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities that allow the driver to log in with their BMW ConnectedDrive account or BMW ID and activate the Park Payments service only once. Payment methods can be entered and saved using the associated QR code displayed on the infotainment screen. Parkopedia’s Single Sign-On (SSO) technology continually saves time for drivers, as it removes additional enforcement of authentication at the point of purchase as part of the movement towards frictionless mobility and delivering more convenience for the driver than ever before.

Seamless experiences for drivers

The collaboration between BMW and Parkopedia creates a streamlined parking experience for BMW drivers. Parkopedia’s deeply granular data and technology allows for the creation of accurate ‘geofences’, enabling automated payment requests or triggers for customers within a specified area or payment zone, without the need to provide location information – eliminating the need to use alternative smartphone apps or parking payment machines.

Further expansion planned

Following the launch in Germany and Austria, there are plans to roll out the function in other countries in Europe from 2023. BMW has opted for a gradual rollout, as it will first collect customer feedback from Germany and Austria as part of continuous software improvements, before expanding to other European countries.

SOURCE: Parkopedia

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