Omniplus: Digitalisation and connectivity for maximum reliability and transparency

For the first time on the bus market: New vehicle data interface extends Omniplus On functionalities

All-round service for all buses of the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands: that has long been the promise of Omniplus, the service brand of Daimler Buses. With more than 600 Service Support Points in Europe, Omniplus is a Europe-wide and bus-specific service network. Innovative services are continually being added to the scope on offer. The new Omniplus On portal integrates existing and new digital services. Customers of the current model variants of the Mercedes‑Benz Citaro, eCitaro and CapaCity, the current Mercedes‑Benz Tourismo and all Setra touring coaches from the ComfortClass 500 and TopClass 500 model series currently already benefit from Omniplus On. From this year, all of these buses have been equipped as standard with the “Bus Data Center” telematics box.

Omniplus On: four pillars for maximum availability, fleet management and replacement parts procurement

The digital service portal Omniplus On is based on four integrated pillars which are optimally networked with each other:

  • “Omniplus On advance” ensures that bus companies enjoy maximum availability of their fleet, for example thanks to the Omniplus Uptime service, or optimum service transparency with its own service routines.
  • “Omniplus On monitor” combines modern telematics services for efficient, cross-manufacturer fleet management and helps to assess the driving style of the individual drivers.
  • “Omniplus On drive” efficiently assists the driver, from the prescribed daily departure checks to remote control of individual components on the bus.
  • “Omniplus On commerce” enables bus companies to purchase spare and replacement parts or digital services in the Omniplus eShop quickly and in a targeted manner at any time of the day.
  • The unique dynamism of the Omniplus service brand is something we also show the outside world. This is why Busworld visitors can experience Omniplus in a new visual appearance. Even if the technology intensification and look have progressed: the expertise and reliability remain.

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SOURCE: Daimler