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New Renault Master, a redesigned silhouette for greater efficiency

New Renault Master reveals its silhouette

A genuine success story with over 3 million units sold since 1980, Renault Master is preparing to move up a gear with a brand new generation which will be presented in the next few days at Solutrans motor show in Lyon, France.

New Renault Master will launch the next-gen vans that are more efficient, 100% connected and innovative. This new model has been designed for optimum use, enabling it to go further and further, while spending less and adapting to today’s needs.

Thanks to an “aerovan” shaped body ​and a new braking system, new Renault Master provides consumption savings of 21 % for the electric version and 1.5 l/100 km for the internal combustion version.

Like previous generations, it will be produced at the Batilly plant in France, where the facilities have also been redesigned to produce in a new and innovative way.

More information to come…

SOURCE: Renault

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