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MICHELIN and BMW: A benchmark collaboration

A benchmark collaboration founded on the same passion for excellence and performance

The fertile working relationship Michelin has enjoyed with BMW for the past 35 years has covered numerous models, including the current M2, M3, M4, M5, M8, X3 M, X4 M, X5 M and X6 M.

Introduced three-and-a-half decades ago, the original BMW M3 was the first of a line of cars that has since gained icon status. Like all the generations of the model that have followed in its footsteps, it was fitted with Michelin tires. Today, BMW Group has once again put its confidence in Michelin to equip the new BMW M3 Saloon and BMW M4 Coupé, the performance and agility of which will delight fans of sports cars that can both serve as the family car and be taken onto the race-track.” says Ludovic Leguem, Brands, Products and Technologies Communication Manager for BMW Group France.

Engineers from the two companies work in close collaboration to produce tailor-developed tires for road and circuit use which feature the star symbol on their sidewalls that confirms they are designed for BMW. In the course of their development, these tires are tested on ordinary roads and at circuits like the Nürburgring in Germany, not to mention BMW and Michelin’s own French test tracks in Miramas and Ladoux respectively, and Idiada proving grounds in Spain.

The ambitious results targeted by BMW M’s engineers for the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S* and MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup2* Connect inspired us to channel the best of our technology into these two specific tires,” says Pierre Chaput, the development engineer behind these MICHELIN solutions for the new BMW M3 Competition Saloon and BMW M4 Coupé. “Thanks to their innovative tread design, they both push the envelope in the terms of the grip they deliver, while their construction ensures the high standard of precision and sporting performance that are trademarks of the BMW M range.” 

Two tires for two types of use

Acclaimed for its performance on ordinary roads and circuits alike, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S* is a carefully balanced package that combines outstanding grip with control, driving enjoyment and long life. The technology employed for its tread band – which particularly benefits the performance of the front tires – features a combination of four compounds selected to achieve optimal grip on dry roads, precise handling and hallmark roadholding in the wet. 

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect* is a racing tire approved for road use that will enchant drivers looking for genuine excitement and satisfaction behind the wheel. It is the first fully-connectable production tire and can be used in conjunction with MICHELIN Track Connect, an application that provides tire pressure and temperature recommendations to ensure optimal handing and a unique experience, along with faster lap times, lower wear and greater consistency when used on a racetrack. Like Michelin, BMW M has long been a champion of innovation and performance and is the first manufacturer to have specified MICHELIN Track Connect-compatible MICHELIN tires as original equipment.

The MICHELIN PILOT SPORT Cup 2 Connect* features a specific compound that incorporates functionalized elastomers for an even more consistent blend. The result is faster cornering and outstanding stability at high speeds, with no detriment to either rolling resistance or grip in the wet.

Both tires pack advanced Michelin-developed technologies:

  • A hybrid nylon/aramid belt for precise response to input from the driver.
  • Waved casing plies for faster response and a sportier feel at the wheel,
  • Outer shoulders reinforced by a bespoke high-resistance compound for superior durability during track use.

SOURCE: Michelin

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