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Meritor announces its participation in the Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus e-Consortium to develop electric vehicle solutions in brazil

Meritor today announced it has joined VWCO's (Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus) e-Consortium to collaborate in the development of electric commercial vehicles in Brazil

Meritor, Inc. (NYSE: MTOR) today announced it has joined VWCO’s (Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus) e-Consortium to collaborate in the development of electric commercial vehicles in Brazil, beginning with the launch of the OEM’s 11-ton e-Delivery truck, equipped with Meritor’s 12X™ drive axle with eOptimized™ gearing, in 2020.

Through the e-Consortium, VWCO plans to deliver 1,600 e-Delivery trucks with the Meritor axle, to Brazilian beverage company Cervejaria Ambev, representing one-third of its fleet, by 2023. Initially, the vehicles will be equipped with the 12X drive axle but will adopt the 12XeTM electric powertrain as it becomes commercially available. The electrification project is one of the largest of its kind in the world, according to VWCO.

“With our participation in the e-Consortium, we are extending our long-term strategic relationship with VWCO in Brazil,” said Chris Villavarayan, senior vice president and president of Global Truck. “As demand continues to rise for electric solutions, the e-Consortium plans to develop advanced technologies for commercial vehicles today and into the future.”

Meritor and six other suppliers – Bosch, CATL, Moura, Semcon, Siemens and Eletra – comprise VWCO’s e-Consortium, which is building a complete system from production to the recharging system for electric vehicles. Manufacturing activities for each supplier will take place at the VWCO facility in Resende, Brazil. A portion of the plant dedicated to e-Delivery truck production is already being modified to begin assembly of Meritor’s electrical components in October 2020 and is being equipped for quality inspection.

Meritor’s 12Xe powertrain – also available in North America – expands the company’s electrical solutions coverage into Class 4 and 5 applications such as the VWCO e-Delivery truck. The vehicle, which has delivered beverages in São Paulo during a year of testing, has a range of almost 120 miles between charges.

SOURCE: Meritor

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