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Mercedes-Benz Group AG is using the eActros to electrify its logistics between Bad Cannstatt and Sindelfingen

Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ “Sustainable Logistics Consulting” (SLC) range of services for companies that do not have their own vehicle fleet launched by Daimler Truck AG at the end of 2023

Mercedes-Benz Trucks specialists from Daimler Truck AG successfully consulted the Mercedes-Benz Group AG on the electrification of parts of their works logistics. As part of the new “Sustainable Logistics Consulting” (SLC) range of services, Mercedes-Benz Trucks consultants provided assistance with the electrification of the route between the Bad Cannstatt engine plant and the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen. Here, as logistics partner, Große-Vehne is deploying two battery-electric eActros 300 semitrailer tractor units for transporting car engines. The two battery-electric Mercedes-Benz e-trucks each travel around 180 kilometers daily; until the planned charging infrastructure has been put in place, they are charged at a service station.

Andreas Scharff, Head of eMobility Sales and Dealer Network Development Mercedes-Benz Trucks at Daimler Truck AG: “Electrification of logistics continues to pick up speed. Increasing numbers of companies, also from the industrial sector, intend to put carbon-neutral supply chains in place. We are pleased to be able to join Mercedes-Benz Group AG, as the first customer of our consulting services, in celebrating our success in reaching a milestone towards sustainable logistics.”

Elke Pusskeiler, Head of Supply Chain Management, Mercedes-Benz Group AG: “In our supply chain, we are building on an optimum transport mix in which road transportation plays a significant role. Consequently, its electrification is a decisive factor on the way to balance sheet carbon neutrality. We are proud to be able to take such an important step towards sustainable transport logistics together with Mercedes-Benz Trucks and our partner Große-Vehne.”

Jens Hildenbrand, Managing Director of Große-Vehne Speditions GmbH: “The support of the SLC project enabled us, together with our customer, to plan the optimum process flow of emission-free transportation of motors in advance, taking account of the real-life situation. This comprises not only performing an analysis of the routes and the required charging times but also creating a shared definition of the setup of a charging infrastructure aligned to the process. As the whole topic was previously uncharted territory for us, too, together we were able to score points with the customer by providing a higher level of specialist expertise. Together with all parties involved, the next step will be to evaluate practical implementation, which is sure to give rise to additional insights for future deployments.”

About “Sustainable Logistics Consulting” – SLC

Sascha Strähle, Head of Sustainable Logistics Consulting (SLC), Mercedes-Benz Trucks at Daimler Truck AG: “In the SLC range of consulting services, we focus on evaluating together with industrial companies the routes to be electrified in the area of inbound and outbound logistics and, together with the respective fleet operators, drawing up plans of the optimum routes with the corresponding charging points. On this basis, we then create customized charging solutions, both for the industrial companies and for the shipping companies.” The design of the consulting program involves the following steps:

  1. Configuration of a customer-specific transformation strategy
  2. Analysis of the various logistics routes
  3. Development of an electrification concept
  4. Identification of products suitable for electrification
  5. Planning of a suitable depot charging infrastructure
  6. First assignments with e-trucks

SOURCE: Daimler Truck

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