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Magna introduces industry-first, 100% Melt Recyclable Foam and Trim seating solutions

Solution utilizes PET mono-materials in both foam and trim, contributing to the circular economy

Magna announces its EcoSphere™ product family, an industry-first solution that eliminates the disposal of seating foam pads and trim covers in landfills by utilizing mono-material polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with the company’s innovative 100% Melt Recyclable Foam and Trim system. Magna’s new EcoSphere product family is comprised of sustainable trim materials, trim padding, structures and foam.

The product family leverages Magna’s expertise in the integration of foam chemistry, trim manufacturing, craftsmanship and tooling to develop a seamless and affordable solution. In addition, the 100% Melt Recyclable Foam and Trim technology ensures that the look and feel of the seating materials remain consistent with industry standards, while significantly reducing the environmental impact.

“As a top priority for our stakeholders, we recognize the need for innovative solutions that minimize environmental impact,” said Carrie Young, Chief Engineer, Seating Innovation, at Magna. “This unique product family enables our seating materials to be repurposed and reused in the creation of new polyester products, contributing to a circular economy approach. Our technology offers automakers a game-changing opportunity to enhance sustainability without compromising on comfort, quality or performance.”

Magna EcoSphere Trim Foundation is an essential part of the 100% Melt Recyclable Foam and Trim technology. Trim foundation can be found in every seat produced. It is laminated to the back of trim materials to provide support and a crisp appearance. To source 100% recycled materials for EcoSphere Trim Foundation, Magna has partnered with TWE Group, a multinational company that specializes in manufacturing technical textiles and nonwovens. TWE’s rePEaT® solutions include products made from recycled and biodegradable fibers.

Magna’s sustainable seating approach contributes to the company’s net-zero goal by utilizing recycled and bio-based materials, implementing energy-efficient manufacturing processes and considering end-of-life management. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers the carbon footprint of Magna’s products.


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