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Leoni to showcase cable technologies and solutions for electromobility at the Electric & Hybrid Expo

Focus on high-power charging, power supply with high-voltage cables, digital technologies as well as a comprehensive portfolio for electric vehicles

Leoni, a global provider of energy and data management solutions in the automotive sector and other industries, will present innovative technologies for electromobility at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, which is combined with the Battery Show, from 7 to 9 May in Stuttgart. In Hall 1, Booth 639, the Company will illustrate the wide variety of its cables as well as solutions especially for fast charging technology, power supply with high-voltage cables as well as its LEONiQ digital cable technology. A comprehensive range of internationally approved products and solutions makes it easier for carmakers to develop and manufacture models with electric drive. Fast charging will be demonstrated live on 7 May at 1 pm.

In the electromobility segment, Leoni develops and makes, among other products, cables worldwide that cover the entire charging system: charging cables from the charging station to the vehicle – also for liquid-cooled fast-charging systems (HPC – High Power Charging cables), versions for the luggage compartment as well as, in the car, high-voltage charging cables leading from the charging port to the battery. Leoni’s latest cable developments are in line with the accelerated trend towards substantially reduced charging times and greater range.

A special High Power Charging cable for liquid-cooled charging systems consequently contributes to ensuring that the temperatures in the cable and connector do not exceed a defined threshold. This is because fast-charging cables with a diameter that makes them easy to handle at the station would seriously overheat without active cooling. As an option, a status-indicating illumination function will show the charging status and condition by changing the colour of the cable jacket.

Leoni’s Hivocar high-voltage cables provide strong performance when it comes to wiring the numerous components and the power train of electric vehicles. They stably and reliably carry the current to the HV battery, via the inverter onward to the electric motor as well as to such ancillary components as A/C compressors and electric heating.

Hivocar cables are available in single and multi-core variants, also as twisted pair models, with various conductor and insulation materials as well as shielded and unshielded – depending on the intended application and customer requirement.

Thanks to LEONiQ – Leoni’s innovative cable technology – the charging cable becomes an intelligent system solution that can monitor the charging process in the cloud and optimise it. Digitally-supported sensors detect such fault events as increase in temperature or mechanical impact on the cable.

To make these technologies available globally, Leoni develops dedicated solutions in numerous regions near to its customers – with country-specific approvals.


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