LADA Vesta Sport – sales start

The flagship of LADA Vesta model range - LADA Vesta Sport – will go on sale on January, 31, 2019

The flagship of LADA Vesta model range – LADA Vesta Sport – will go on sale on January, 31, 2019. LADA Vesta Sport is a unique offer in its segment, it is a car for those who strive for constant “drive” in life and on road, and looking for a model with a sport character, combining a rich set of equipment, sharp handling, bright and at the same time aggressive appearance.

LADA Vesta Sport is offered in the maximum trim level – Luxe. The starting price of the car makes 1 009 900 rubles. The equipment includes ESP, climate control, cruise control, multifunctional steering wheel, heated front seat, rain and light sensors, audio system. A Multimedia package is also available, which includes a rear-view camera, a multimedia system with navigator and heated windscreen. LADA Vesta Sport with this set of options is offered for 1 045 900 rubles.

LADA Vesta Sport features sport and aggressive appearance, which is formed by an aerodynamic body kit, suspension lowered by 31 mm and an extended track with large 17-inch wheels on low-profile tires. The belonging of the model to the speed world is determined by 3-D hood ornament with the name of the modification – Sport, placed on the radiator grille.

The interior of LADA Vesta Sport is emphasized with a black ceiling and made in contrasting red and black tones. The front seats with a strong lateral support received a special finish: red inserts on the seats made of Alcantara-material with “X-graphics” are combined with the ornament, which imitates carbon on eco-leather with red stitching. The logo Vesta Sport is embroider on the back of the seat under the head restraints. The steering wheel is covered with soft perforated black eco-leather. The same material is used in the design of the MT and parking brake lever.

The car is equipped with a forced LADA engine with a 1.8 l volume with a reconfigured system to adjust phases of gas distribution. Along with the modernized systems of intake and exhaust it allows to raise the maximum engine power to 145 HP. Engine is equipped with MT with the power drive gears.

The sport character of the car is formed not only with the power unit, but also with the special chassis settings. Sharp handling is combined with sufficient smoothness, creating the impression of a well-done, reliable car. LADA Vesta Sport received a specially designed brake system. The diameter of the front brake discs is increased, disc brakes are installed on the rear axle – all this provides a confident deceleration from high speeds. A special drive is created by the ESC system, which has received sports settings and the possibility of complete shutdown.

In total, more than 200 new parts and units are used in the LADA Vesta Sport. The development of the LADA Vesta Sport is a logical solution to transfer sports success of LADA from racetracks to public roads.


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