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Hybrid and electric portfolio evolution: BorgWarner at Vienna Motor Symposium

The company presents lineup of its electrification technologies

At this year’s International Vienna Motor Symposium in Vienna, Austria, BorgWarner’s presence will focus on the current electrification trend by showcasing its broad portfolio, expertise and dedication to cleaner mobility. In celebration of the show’s 40th anniversary, the Hofburg Congress Center will open its doors a day earlier than usual. From May 15-17, 2019, BorgWarner will present its advanced solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles including its integrated drive module (iDM) and the new onboard battery charger (OBC). Additionally, the company will display its 48V solutions such as P2 hybrid modules, the eBooster® electrically driven compressor and the eTurboTM electrically assisted turbocharger. On Friday, May 17, from 10:45-11:15 a.m., there also will be an expert lecture, in cooperation with Hyundai, on a study of technologies for improving the fuel efficiency of turbocharged gasoline engines.

“The annual Vienna Motor Symposium brings together more than a 1,000 leading decision makers from the most important companies in the global automotive industry, making it an excellent platform for showcasing our solutions for electrified mobility,” said Scott Gallett, Vice President, Marketing, Public Relations and Government Affairs, BorgWarner. “Our advanced technologies for hybrid and electric vehicles are key enablers for a clean and energy-efficient world. Our wide range of expertise in developing electrification solutions enables us to support our customer’s current and future vehicles in the best possible way.”

BorgWarner will display key technologies for highly efficient electrification in Vienna. One example is the new onboard battery charger (OBC) which is a key enabler to implement electric driving in everyday life. Due to its wide-ranging applicability, it can be installed in hybrid and electric vehicles to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). Another important example is the iDM, a fully integrated electric drive module that combines specially developed power electronics, an electric motor and transmission technology. This modular solution offers customers exceptional flexibility, as does the company’s P2 on-axis hybrid module. In the advanced 48V solution, the motor is directly integrated into the drive shaft and allows vehicle manufacturers to convert combustion-powered vehicles into hybrid vehicles without having to change the transmission or the engine. Another of BorgWarner’s 48V solutions on display will be the eBooster system. This technology offers an extraordinary power density, a high system efficiency and an improved acceleration time, which virtually eliminates turbo lag. The other turbocharging solutions which visitors will be able to see include the company’s eTurbo, which improves fuel economy by converting wasted exhaust energy to electrical energy.

SOURCE: BorgWarner

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