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Honda to begin sales of refreshed Odyssey in Japan

Coming back to the Japanese market with a further advanced cabin space and a new e:HEV ABSOLUTE・EX BLACK EDITION

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will begin sales in Japan of the refreshed Odyssey premium minivan, tomorrow, on Friday, December 8, 2023. The refresh includes refinement of the design, comfort and functionality as well as the addition of a new hybrid-electric type to the lineup, the e:HEV ABSOLUTE・EX BLACK EDITION.

The refreshed Odyssey will come in three types: e:HEV ABSOLUTE, e:HEV ABSOLUTE・EX, and the new e:HEV ABSOLUTE・EX BLACK EDITION. While inheriting key features from the successive generations of Odyssey models sold in Japan, namely the sedan-like driving stability and the atypical styling for a minivan, which were made possible by the low-floor platform, the original styling and a comfortable cabin space that were further improved by adding new features to better accommodate customer needs.

Sales plan(in Japan, monthly): 1,000 units

<Key changes>

Advancement of design

A newly designed front grille was adopted. The wide look is emphasized through the enlargement of the grille opening, and the combination of five horizontal plated bars and architectural details further enhances the premium look of the vehicle. By placing the Honda emblem at the very front, the protruding look of the front part of the body is emphasized, achieving a styling design that creates a more powerful and substantial presence.

The newly added e:HEV ABSOLUTE EX BLACK EDITION features a black chrome plated front grille, rear combination lights with black smoked lenses, matte Berlina Black 18-inch aluminum wheels and a black roof and pillar linings. Other black decorative parts are incorporated throughout the interior and exterior, expressing the sophistication of Honda’s highest-end model in Japan.

Advancement of utility

For all types, four-way power seats were adopted for the second-row. The electrification of the ottoman and reclining controls enabled more precise adjustments of the seats so that customers can be in more comfortable seating positions. Moreover, heated seats, a foldable center table, armrests with a mini table, and a USB charger (Type-C) at the foot of the seats are standard equipment for all types, further enhancing the comfort of second-row passengers.

As with previous Odyssey models, the third-row seats of all types can fold quickly and easily into the floor, offering a large-capacity cargo space and customer convenience.

Both the e:HEV ABSOLUTE・EX and e:HEV ABSOLUTE・EX BLACK EDITION types feature genuine leather seats, a wireless charger, and a hands-free access power tailgate as standard equipment to meet the needs of customers seeking greater comfort and a high sense of quality.

Adoption of a deceleration selector and electric gear selector

A deceleration selector was newly adopted, enabling the driver to adjust the rate of deceleration (up or down) when the accelerator pedal is rereleased. The deceleration selector can be utilized while driving downhill or to adjust the distance from the vehicle in front. The electric gear selector, which enables the driver to achieve smooth shifting using a single finger, is also adopted for the first time for Odyssey.

Addition of new functions and further advancement of Honda SENSING

The refreshed Odyssey features the Honda SENSING*1 advanced safety and driver-assistive system, to which three new functions were added: Low Speed Brake Function, Auto High Beam Headlights and Unintended Acceleration Mitigation*2. Moreover, by widening the field of view of the front camera, the detection range for the Collision Mitigation Braking System was expanded, enabling the detection of vehicles crossing in front, oncoming vehicles when turning right (in left-hand traffic), bicycles crossing in front, motorcycles, and pedestrians at night. With these advancements, Honda SENSING will assist the driver and offer greater peace of mind in various driving situations.

<List of Honda SENSING functions available for the refreshed Odyssey>

  • 1.Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)
  • 2.Collision Mitigation Throttle Control*3
  • 3.Rear Collision Mitigation Throttle Control*3
  • 4.Low Speed Brake Function*3
  • 5.Unintended Acceleration Mitigation*2
  • 6.Pedestrian Collision Mitigation Steering System
  • 7.Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) System
  • 8.Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow
  • 9.Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)
  • 10.Lead Car Departure Notification System
  • 11.Traffic Sign Recognition
  • 12.Auto High Beam Headlights
  • 13.Blind Spot Information System (BSI)
  • 14.Parking Sensor System
  • 15.Cross Traffic Monitor*4

*1 Honda SENSING functions are intended to assist the driver: therefore, there is a limit to the capabilities (e.g. recognition capability and control capability) of individual functions of Honda SENSING. Please do not overestimate the capabilities of each Honda SENSING function and drive safely while paying constant attention to your surroundings. For more information about Honda SENSING, please visit, Honda website:
*2 Under the factory default settings, this function will be off. To turn this function on, a separate setting process using special equipment at the dealership is required, for which a separate setting fee will be charged (dealer option).
*3 The three functions – Collision Mitigation Throttle Control, Rear Collision Mitigation Throttle Control and Low Speed Brake Function –  are collectively called Low Speed Braking Control.
*4 To use this system, the navigation system is required.


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