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General Motors to upgrade its design capability in China

GM China Advanced Design Center in Shanghai will grow with evolving trends

General Motors announced today that it will upgrade the GM China Advanced Design Center in Shanghai, more than doubling current studio space and milling capacity. It will adopt cutting-edge technology and incorporate a more flexible and multifunctional use of space to enable GM to remain at the forefront of automotive design in the world’s largest automotive market.

The GM China Advanced Design Center, which is adjacent to GM China’s headquarters, will grow to more than 5,000 square meters. The expansion will allow it to attract more local design talent. The upgrade is scheduled to begin this month, with completion set for the second quarter of 2021.

“Shanghai has become home to some of the world’s top automotive design talent,” said Julian Blissett, GM executive vice president and president of GM China. “We have been seeing many stunning car designs. With our improved capability and world-class resources, the Advanced Design Center will attract more of these outstanding local designers.”

According to Michael Simcoe, GM vice president of Global Design, “Advanced design is playing a critical role in the development of GM’s next generation of vehicles around the world. The expansion of the GM China Advanced Design Center will provide an environment for our team members to imagine, create, inspire and develop design strategies for GM’s future product portfolio.”

The upgraded Advanced Design Center will include a new color and material studio, paint shop, VR lab and second clay modeling studio, while the current VR Room, viewing patio, clay modeling studio and other facilities will receive comprehensive enhancements and upgrades.

“Since opening in 2012, the GM China Advanced Design Center has become an important and trusted source of creativity and insight into the Chinese auto market,” said Ken Parkinson, GM China and GM International vice president of Design. “This has led to significant programs and assignments being given to our talented creative team, which has stretched our current resources – leading to this expansion plan.”

The GM China Advanced Design team, which includes creative designers, clay sculptors, digital sculptors and VR specialists, has an average age under 32. They are creating future visions of new energy and mobility concepts for China and global markets.

“Inspired by Shanghai’s vibrant and progressive energy, our mission is to create innovative and exhilarating designs across GM global brands to capture the imaginations of future customers,” said Harry Sze, director of Design at the GM China Advanced Design Center. “Our new studio is designed to encourage new ways of working and collaborating, empowering our talented creatives to truly push the boundaries of future mobility experiences.”

SOURCE: General Motors

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