Expo 2020 Dubai: Mobilize takes you on a carbon-free journey

Mobilize is a partner of the French Pavilion at the Dubai 2020 World Expo

Future mobility must be smart, greener, more accessible, shared more, by all and for all, everywhere in a more sustainable world.

The French Pavilion, located in the World Expo’s Mobility District, is where Mobilize will invite visitors to reflect on what solutions are needed to build more responsible cities.

We have a collective responsibility within the automotive industry to reduce CO2 emissions and ensure that our mobility solutions are more sustainable. Achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 is a major objective for Renault Group and Mobilize has an important role to play in reaching that target, says Clotilde Delbos, Managing Director of Mobilize. On behalf of Mobilize, we are therefore very proud to have partnered with the French Pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai. We will present our vision and above all our commitments for more responsible mobility and an ever-smarter management of the full life cycle of EV batteries.

A sleek, immersive space

Moving beyond automotive, toward mobility that is smarter, more environmentally friendly, and accessible to all, toward better energy management, toward solutions that are suited to the needs of people and cities… this is what Mobilize will showcase throughout its 50m2, fully transparent space.

Visitors will be immediately encouraged to think about what it means to adapt mobility to one’s own needs, about how to use energy better, and about all the solutions that are needed to attain carbon neutrality.

The centre of the space will house a 3-metre-high monolith. Visitors will be invited to stand in front of the immense structure that will use sensors hidden in the ground to come to life, immersing each individual visitor in a unique experience combining sound and images.

Mobilize wants for each visitor to experience their own unique show: trigger an emotion, make them feel what breathable and responsible city is like, a place where energy is renewable and renewed, where movement is unbridled.

SOURCE: Mobilize

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