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Daimler Truck North America celebrates 15 years of successful joint venture with Bosch

North America Fuel Systems Remanufacturing supports a circular economy in providing remanufactured components back to the supply chain

North America Fuel Systems Remanufacturing (NAFSR), a joint venture between Bosch and Daimler Truck North America’s remanufacturing unit, Detroit Reman, is celebrating its 15th anniversary. This milestone represents 15 years of joint production of remanufactured fuel systems for commercial vehicles and celebrates a strong and enduring partnership.
NAFSR’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices through remanufacturing has helped renew a wide range of fuel system products. The core business focuses on the most advanced common rail fuel and aftertreatment injection systems for the Detroit DD series of heavy-duty engines, as well as the legacy Detroit Diesel series 60 engine platform, all of which meet or exceed industry standards.
“Driven by our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) excellence, our remanufacturing journey at NAFSR charts a course towards a greener tomorrow, where sustainability is not just a goal; it’s a guiding principle,” stated Brian Lewallen, President of Detroit Reman and NAFSR Board Member. Adding further, “therefore, our commitment is to revitalize components, reduce waste, and carve a path towards a more sustainable future.”
NAFSR plays an important role for DTNA Parts by providing remanufactured components to the supply chain, ensuring that high-quality products are available to partners and customers throughout North America. They reduce components that end up in landfills each year, such as the more than 3.7 million injectors and fuel pumps sold since the joint venture was established. NAFSR’s commitment to the circular economy has led to notable achievements, including a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, minimized logistics and a smaller carbon footprint.
Thomas Walter, Chairman of the Board for NAFSR and Senior Vice President at Bosch, remarked, “As an independent company and part of a dual partner network, NAFSR’s highly dedicated and passionate team creates a huge contribution to protect our environment by saving raw materials and a drastically reduced CO2 footprint. I am pleased and honored to work together with the NAFSR family and I am convinced that Bosch and our partner Daimler Truck will continue this already successful path and develop the business into a fruitful future.”
NAFSR has built a legacy of innovation and sustainability over the years. Primarily focused on the internal combustion engine business, the company has consistently provided high-quality remanufactured parts that meet original equipment specifications.

SOURCE: Daimler Truck North America

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