City traffic of the future: Saarbahn builds on MAN Lion’s City with MAN EfficientHybrid

In and around Saarbrücken, people will in future reach their destination in a particularly environmentally friendly way - at least when they are out and about in public. Because Saarbahn has ordered 20 MAN Lion's City with MAN EfficientHybrid. The first 18 vehicles have now been delivered.

138 buses and 28 trams from Saarbahn GmbH bring around 43 million people from A to B every year. Around 360 drivers drive to over 1,100 stops in and around the state capital of Saarbrücken every day. Up to 2,100 journeys a day with a distance of more than 22,000 kilometers come together at peak times. In order to be particularly economical and environmentally friendly in the future, Saarbahn has ordered 20 MAN Lion’s City with MAN EfficientHybrid. 18 of the modern city buses were handed over in Saarbrücken at the end of February, two more buses will follow soon. “We are very happy about the order. It shows how great the interest is in our innovative vehicle technology and in being able to offer sustainable urban transport, “says Frank Krämer, Head of Bus Sales at MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH and adds:

The aim of the Saarbrücken transport company is to save around 23 tons of CO 2 annually by using modern vehicles . The 12 and 18 meter long MAN Lion’s City are powered by the new, lighter D1556 LOH engine and meet the Euro 6 emissions standard. The combustion engine is supplemented with MAN EfficientHybrid. Thanks to intelligent energy management, the system helps reduce fuel consumption, pollutant emissions and noise emissions. The standard stop-start function of the MAN EfficientHybrid ensures whisper-quiet and emission-free stopping phases at stops and traffic lights.

“In addition to the issues of sustainability and economy, the people in charge at Saarbahn also attach great importance to passenger comfort,” said Krämer. The MAN Lion’s City are therefore equipped with powerful air conditioning systems that promise pleasant temperatures even on hot days. In addition, USB charging sockets are available to passengers for charging mobile devices. There are 37 comfortable seats in the 12-meter bus and 49 in the 18-meter version. There are also standing places for 63, or 101 in total. The drivers can also look forward to comfortable and, above all, ergonomic seats: The driver’s seats are horizontally adjustable and, thanks to a wider seat surface and depth, offer comfortable legroom in the cockpit. In addition, the headrest enables an enormous all-round view, so that the drivers always have a perfect view of everything. The intuitive arrangement of the controls also helps ensure that you can concentrate on the traffic as best as possible. The drivers are also supported by a range of safety systems that are integrated in the MAN city buses.

In 1892 – almost 130 years ago – the company for trams in the Saartal and thus the legal predecessor of today’s Saarbahn was founded. Then as now, the company’s employees and vehicles ensure mobility in the region. “The fact that the company is now relying on MAN to rejuvenate and modernize its bus fleet is a great confirmation for us that our new generation of city buses exactly meets the requirements that sustainable transport companies place on their vehicles,” says Frank Krämer.

SOURCE: MAN Truck & Bus