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CES 2023: Bosch high-tech solutions for a smarter and safer future

At CES® 2023 in Las Vegas, Central Hall, booth #16115, from January 5 to 8, 2023, Bosch is presenting smart products and services for mobility and the home of the future.

Stuttgart, Germany / Las Vegas, NV, USA – At CES® 2023 in Las Vegas, Central Hall, booth #16115, from January 5 to 8, 2023, Bosch is presenting smart products and services for mobility and the home of the future. The technology and services company will highlight connected solutions for greater safety, efficiency, and comfort.

CES 2023 Innovation Award Honorees: distinguished Bosch solutions

In the run-up to CES 2023, four Bosch products were distinguished as CES Innovation Awards Honorees. The company will reveal an additional Best of Innovation award winner at the event. The CES Innovation Awards are presented annually by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® in 28 consumer technology product categories.

The Bosch Honorees announced prior to CES 2023 were in the categories of Home Audio/Video Components & Accessories, Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy, and categories as well as in the mobility-focused categories of Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility, and Streaming, In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety.

Real professional audio performance – battery-powered convenience: The first battery-powered loudspeaker from Electro-Voice and the first weatherized model of its type, EVERSE 8 provides a portable and wireless audio experience. The all-in-one PA system design concept opens-up real pro-audio performance for a wider range of users. Musicians, DJs, fitness/activity instructors, and other professional, amateur, and recreational users can all benefit from EVERSE 8’s superior sound quality, user-friendliness for live music, vocal reinforcement, and audio playback.

AI security solution: The software solution AIShield secures AI-based medical devices, including cloud-based solutions, in the face of emerging security threats. It provides vulnerability analysis and end-point protection. The solution helps to manage patient safety and regulatory compliance to enable sustainable business growth for medical technology companies.

Increased occupant safety and driving comfort: The Off-zone Crash Detection system for vehicles uses a wide range of sensor data and a new software algorithm to detect additional previously uncaptured crash scenarios, which commonly occur during lane changes, merging, and crossing intersections. Thanks to additional zones of detection, airbags and safety restraints can be deployed in a timely manner. The enhanced triggering algorithm allows vehicle manufacturers to use existing sensor configurations, which means no hardware changes are necessary.

Sensor-driven dynamics: Vehicle dynamics control 2.0 is an innovative and smart control concept which uses the full potential of actuators of different vehicle domains, such as braking, steering, powertrain, and suspension. Based on the information from vehicle dynamics sensors, the function anticipates the vehicle behavior and intervenes proactively. As a result, drivers benefit from a natural driving experience characterized by excellent safety, agility, and comfort, all the while maintaining full control of the vehicle. Vehicle dynamics control 2.0 can flexibly be deployed on braking systems or domain, zone, and central control units.

Driving the future of mobility with software-based solutions

In addition to Innovation Award winners, Bosch will present a number of other solutions at CES 2023.

Infotainment and ADAS functions running on one single vehicle computer: Bosch is paving the way towards a more centralized E/E architecture to manage the complexity of future vehicle systems. In the future, only a few very powerful vehicle computers will run several vehicle functions. The next generation information domain computer will integrate functions from the infotainment domain as well as ADAS functions like parking and surround view features.

Making the software-defined vehicle a reality: Mobility is experiencing fundamental change, with software taking center stage. To make the vision of the fully programmable, software-defined vehicle a reality and support automakers in software-centric function development, ETAS, a subsidiary of Bosch, offers a highly integrated end-to-end software-defined vehicle platform and tooling ecosystem that enables fast, data-driven development as well as safe and secure operation of automotive software.

Long-range lidar for Level 4 automated driving: Lidar sensors are one of the key components required to bring safe and reliable automated driving (SAE Leve 4) to the streets. Together with radar and video sensors, lidar is indispensable to realize full 360-degree redundant perception, detection, and localization. At CES 2023, Bosch will demonstrate the performance of its long-range lidar sensor. It is designed for high-volume production offering an outstanding resolution and a long detection range to cover decisive use cases in urban, suburban, as well as highway scenarios.

Interior monitoring system: Interior monitoring enhances safety, comfort, and convenience for all vehicle occupants. Bosch offers camera-based driver and occupant monitoring systems and is now expanding its portfolio with cabin sensing radar. The system is able to detect driver distraction, signs of drowsiness, and whether a child has been left behind in the vehicle, as required from legislation and consumer tests like the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). Sensor fusion enhances the robustness of functions such as occupant presence detection, while enabling new functions such as sensing the driver’s state of health.

Efficient eAxle systems and power electronics: eAxle systems from Bosch are a compact and cost-attractive drive solution for electric vehicles. Whether as the main drive or as a secondary drive to provide extra boost and performance, the electric drive units from Bosch are an attractive solution with a great deal of flexibility for every vehicle segment. The power electronics are an important part of the eAxle system. The flexible scope of delivery ranges from silicon carbide semiconductors to power modules with or without a cooler to complete inverters, including Bosch silicon carbide inverters that reach an efficiency of up to 99 percent. Bosch offers all possible integration levels and, thanks to its own silicon carbide semiconductor production, can respond to individual customer requirements.

Bosch makes charging convenient and cost-optimized: Convenience charging services with smart features support drivers of electric vehicles throughout their journey. They include route planning that provide personalized recommendations for charge points, continuously updated and accurate range prediction, access to a worldwide public charging network with easy payment options, and cost-optimized charging at home.

New possibilities and even more flexibility: Bosch is expanding the smart system for e-bikes, introduced in 2021, with new products. The smart system points the way to the future of e-bikes and combines high-quality, interconnected components with practical features that can be continuously enhanced through over-the-air updates. One of the highlights is the new eBike ABS. Whether pedaling around the city on a cargo bike or tackling challenging trails on a mountain bike, the Bosch eBike ABS is designed to meet the requirements of different types of e-bikes and can therefore reduce accidents even more effectively. Other new products like the minimalistic control units Mini Remote and System Controller as well as digital services like eBike Alarm as an additional safeguard against theft round out the e-bike smart system.

Smart sensors and solutions to enhance daily life

In the area of connected living at CES 2023, Bosch is presenting the latest sensor-based solutions from its Bosch Sensortec subsidiary that feature in a multitude of consumer electronics devices, as well as innovations in household appliances.

High-performance magnetometer – the digital pathfinder: A magnetometer, which acts like a compass in portable devices to provide an accurate measurement of orientation in relation to the earth’s magnetic field, improves positioning accuracy where no GPS signal is available and can provide much more than navigation information. The Bosch Sensortec magnetometer enables a wide range of new use cases, including detecting head orientation for a personalized sound experience with 3D audio, and pixel latency reduction in AR/VR to improve the user experience and avoid motion sickness.

Robust barometric pressure sensor – ready for the rough: Barometric pressure sensors are a key component in fitness tracking wearables and other applications, enabling altitude to be accurately determined. Bosch continues to push the boundaries of what is possible and is introducing a new barometric pressure sensor at CES 2023 that is capable of withstanding even the toughest environmental conditions. It can be used underwater and in harsh environments – for example, in wearables for swimming. The sensor measures a change in altitude of just a few centimeters and can detect movements in fitness training down to the level of individual pull-ups or push-ups.

AI sensor system – more than a digital fitness coach in miniature size: The programmable sensor system with self-learning AI combines a gyroscope with an accelerometer and enables full customization. The sensor features software suitable for a wide variety of fitness-tracking applications, including personalized workouts and dedicated swim-tracking software that identifies the swimming stroke. An integrated sensor fusion library enables 3D audio with head orientation for personalized sound experiences as well as simple gesture recognition while another algorithm helps users reach their destination even when the GPS signal drops out for a few minutes.

Air quality sensing: At CES, Bosch is introducing the world’s smallest particulate matter air quality sensor. People today typically spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, but indoor air can be three to five times more polluted than outdoor environments in many parts of the world. A major component of this pollution consists of fine dust known as PM2.5 particulates, which are solid and liquid particles smaller than 2.5 µm. These particulates can cause serious health problems when they are inhaled and enter the lungs. The new air quality sensor provides timely, accurate, and actionable information about particulate concentration levels in the air, enabling the identification and reduction of indoor pollution to help improve well-being and health.

Intelligent oven – healthy meals with minimal effort: Bosch solutions are a great way to make healthier meals. With the Steam Function Plus oven, certain foods can be cooked even faster and in a way that preserves nutrients. This clever combination of steam and hot air at temperatures up to 120 degrees allows foods such as potatoes, carrots, lentils, beans, and more to be prepared up to 35 percent faster than with classic steam cooking. It also preserves the appearance, macro- and micronutrients, as well as the consistency of the food. Air frying is a popular method to achieve crispy food using hot air and very little oil, but a separate appliance is usually required and not every kitchen has enough space to store one. With the new Bosch Series 8 ovens, however, the Air Fry heating mode comes as a standard feature.

SOURCE:  Bosch

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