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Bosch eBike Systems expands digital theft protection for eBikes

New update turns Kiox displays into key

Experience trail adventures with an eMTB, discover new spots on eTrekking rides or cruise through the city to your favourite café on an eUrban bike: eBiking is fun and keeps you fit. To complement the riding fun with a carefree feeling when parking the eBike, Bosch eBike Systems is now expanding the digital theft protection in the smart system. The latest eBike Flow app update allows eBikers to use the Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 displays as a key to unlock their eBike in addition to their smartphone. Another new feature also gives them the option to disable automatic unlocking.

Flexible key options offer even more effective theft protection

All functions are based on the free eBike Lock theft protection. Once installed, this disables the motor support as soon as the eBike is switched off. In addition to the mechanical bicycle lock, eBike Lock provides additional security. Thanks to the update, this advantage can now also be used with the Kiox 300 and Kiox 500. Once the eBike is switched on and the respective display connected, eBikers can easily define their preferred key in the settings of the eBike Flow app – either the smartphone, display or both. They can then simply lock and unlock the smart additional theft protection by removing the display from or inserting it into the mount.

The option of using Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 as a key also gives eBikers greater flexibility and convenience. If several people share an eBike, for example in the family or among friends, several digital keys can be defined and deleted again as necessary. The protection provided by eBike Lock is no longer tied to a single smartphone. Another new feature of the eBike Flow app prevents the eBike from being automatically unlocked as soon as it is within Bluetooth range of the smartphone. For this purpose, all users need to do is disable the “Automatic unlock” function in the eBike Flow app. They can later enable the motor support of their eBike by pressing and holding the “Hold to unlock” button on the Home Screen of the eBike Flow app.

Most important functions in view thanks to customised display

Through linkage with eBike Lock, the range of functions of the Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 displays for the smart system has been increased even further. Users can now arrange the content and sequence of the display screens themselves and define up to three tiles on one screen and a maximum of 13 individual screens. Depending on their personal requirements, they have the option of displaying a total of up to 30 different items of information – for mountain bikers, e.g. the cadence, average and maximum speed, for touring bikers, e.g. the distance, gradient and range.

The update can be downloaded via the eBike Flow app, which is available for download from the relevant app store at no additional cost.


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