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Audi Hungaria celebrates 30 years of success

Alfons Dintner, Chairman of the Board of Management of Audi Hungaria: "We are proud of the development of the past 30 years and guarantee the continued success of the company with our clear vision for the future"

Audi Hungaria celebrates its 30th anniversary and looks back on a real success story. The company located in Győr developed into the world’s largest powertrain plant and was the first manufacturer in Hungary to produce premium category cars. Audi Hungaria’s Technical Development delivers product developments both for Audi and the Volkswagen Group. In addition to production, the company provides a wide range of services for other brands of the Group, relying on the extensive know-how of its employees. Since its foundation, the company has made a total of almost 12 billion euros in investments, making Audi Hungaria one of the largest investors in the Hungarian industry. Audi Hungaria now employs almost 12,000 people and provides a livelihood for another 50,000 or so through its service providers and suppliers. The company is one of the largest and the most attractive employer in Hungary.

“From my own experience in Győr, I know how dedicated and passionate the local team is. This is one of the reasons why this site is excellently positioned in its anniversary year: as a highly flexible vehicle plant, as a pioneer in CO2 neutral production, as a producer of powertrains for our electric models and as an important service provider for the entire Volkswagen Group,” says Gerd Walker, Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG responsible for Production and Logistics and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt.

“Our employees have been contributing to the success of Audi Hungaria with their know-how and outstanding work for three decades now. Therefore, this anniversary is a milestone on which we proudly and gratefully look back – but also look forward. With our Next Level Strategy, we are actively shaping the future despite global challenges. As one of the largest companies in Hungary, we will further increase our competitiveness by, among other things, expanding our first-class services for the Volkswagen Group and thus strengthening our position within the Group. Our goal is to continue to contribute to the success of the Hungarian economy, Audi and the Volkswagen Group with our products and services and to inspire customers around the world,” says Alfons Dintner, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt.

The site in Győr has an unparalleled success story. Audi Hungaria was founded in 1993 by the German AUDI AG. Production started with four-cylinder, five-valve engines, and in the following years the company steadily expanded its activities: after the introduction of 6- and 8-cylinder engines in 1998, Audi Hungaria was the first company in Hungary to produce premium category models for the now iconic Audi TT series. Thanks to continuous new investments over the past 30 years, Audi Hungaria now produces more than 9,000 engines and 700 cars a day in an area of over five million square meters. Since the company was founded, more than 42 million engines and almost 2 million cars have been manufactured in Győr. The company operates one of the largest tool shops in Central Europe, where body parts are manufactured for the top models of Audi and the Volkswagen Group such as the Audi e-tron GT, the Audi R8 as well as Lamborghini and Bentley models. In addition, Audi Hungaria also focuses on competence-based shared competence services, which it provides primarily in the areas of technical development, finance, procurement, IT and supply chain for the companies of the Volkswagen Group worldwide.

As Hungary’s most attractive employer, Audi Hungaria currently secures permanent jobs for around 12,000 collaegues. Through service companies and suppliers, the company provides work for a further 50,000 people, thus it is one of the country’s largest employers. Audi Hungaria is a major player in the Hungarian economy; it is one of the country’s top-selling companies and one of its largest exporters. The number of domestic suppliers is growing year by year: Audi Hungaria currently works with more than 70 Hungarian suppliers.

As a pioneer of sustainability, Audi Hungaria has been operating on a CO2 neutral basis since 2020. The site in Győr has achieved decarbonization in four steps. The first step was the switch to green power, so the company now uses all of its electrical energy from renewable sources. Audi Hungaria now also relies heavily on solar energy – thanks to the largest photovoltaic roof system in Europe. The second step is thermal energy from geothermal sources. As a third step, Audi Hungaria covers its natural gas consumption with biomethane certificates. Audi Hungaria offsets CO2 emissions that are currently unavoidable, such as those from engine test benches, with internationally recognized and certified Carbon Credits. This is the fourth step, representing around 5 percent of CO2 emissions.

Audi Hungaria is continuing its success story: the company is expanding its product portfolio and will soon start series production of PPE (Premium Platform Electric) electric motors, followed by MEBeco (Modular E-Drive System) electric motors from 2025. In the near future, the model of another brand will also be manufactured at the Audi site: production of the CUPRA Terramar will start in Győr in 2024.


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