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A compact van with big flexibility: Nissan releases the all-new Townstar Crew Van

Adaptable with easy-to-fold second row seats to maximise load space, or transform into a practical 5-seater transport in a flash, Townstar Crew Van is the perfect partner for business and fleets

Introducing the all-new Townstar Crew Van – an exceptionally comfortable and flexible light commercial van, expertly crafted for businesses. Based on the popular van L2 Townstar, the new model maximises space, and is the perfect partner for businesses of all sizes who need their vans to offer that little bit extra. Whether tasked with transporting small personal items or hefty loads, the new Crew Van variant effortlessly accommodates diverse needs.

With the addition of this new variant of Townstar Nissan is reinforcing its LCV portfolio in Europe to help customers better navigate the sector with a product range that provides efficient mobility solutions for their businesses customers with a renewed line-up that includes the all-new Interstar in the H-van segment and Primastar as a mid-size van.

A compact van, with big flexibility

The latest Townstar Crew Van gives businesses the ultimate adaptability, with the ability to quickly and easily adjust configurations to make the most of the ample space and address the constantly evolving requirements of customers. With effortless ease, users can fold the second-row of seating up or down using just one hand, transforming the van into a secure and comfortable five-seater in mere seconds.

When the second row of seats is set up, passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride, with individual 3-point seatbelts and head restraints. With second- row windows hinged to allow that hit of fresh air through extra ventilation, passengers also get an extra dose of comfort. Additionally, with an integrated bulkhead, passengers are protected from any shifting loads in the cargo area, ensuring their ride is as smooth – and safe! – as possible.

However, when more space is needed, users can just fold the second row of seating away to quickly enhance the overall capacity by 1m3 and instantly creating space for 3.1m3 of loading space.

And this much-needed flexibility doesn’t sacrifice on performance. Built to address the varied needs of businesses, and to help loaders avoid playing cargo Tetris, the Townstar Crew Van features one of the widest opening doors in its category (831mm), allowing good access to the rear seats. For those in need of hauling crucial extra loads, the Crew Van also has a payload of up to 845kg and is equipped with an impressive towing capacity of 1,500kg with braked trailer – combining comfort and flexibility, with pure capability. When not in use, the rear seat can also be pivoted forward to create extra loading room.

“SME businesses are more than just jobs – they represent people’s livelihoods, dreams and ambitions. As they diversify to remain competitive in today’s tough economy, it’s crucial that we provide transport solutions that are as agile as they are. With comfort for drivers and passengers, and adaptability and performance all front of mind, the Townstar Crew Van ensures that our customers have a model that suits all manner of needs, in a working environment where no two days are the same,” Andrew Limbert, Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) Manager, Nissan Europe.

An all-electric version for the eco-conscious business

As Nissan drives forward on its transition to electrification, the introduction of a fully-electric version of the all-new Townstar Crew Van brings another option for electric mobility to eco-conscious SMEs and fleets across Europe.

With a 45kWh battery, the electric model of the Townstar Crew Van provides an impressive range of up to 278km (WLTP combined), enabling its users to tick through job-after-job without worrying about having to recharge. When charging is needed, users can enjoy a wide range of charging options, including the best-in-class 22kW AC mode and the rapid-charging 80kW option, that gives its users the ability to charge from 15% to 80% in just 37 minutes – so you can hit the road again in no time. All of this electric power is available without compromising on performance, with the fully-electric model boasting the same spacious loading and passenger capacity as its petrol counterpart.

Safety assured, with cutting-edge technology

The new Townstar Crew Van also comes fully equipped with cutting-edge technology, including hands-free-parking, the unique-in-class Intelligent Around View Monitor, Intelligent Cruise Control, Blind View Monitor and wireless CarPlay or Android Auto. Additionally, the standard rear Camera and parking sensors give customers complete peace of mind when moving from one job to the next.

A further layer of security is provided with the Intelligent Emergency Braking System, providing drivers with extra safeguards against blind spots and unpredictable moments while on the road.

The all-new Townstar Crew Van also provides customers with seamless connectivity to the NissanConnect app. This gives drivers access to crucial information via their smartphone in order to plan their journeys with the utmost precision. Amongst other attributes, the app can provide live traffic updates and critical information on the state of battery charging on the electric version plus the ability to remotely start the ventilation system to cool down or heat-up before entering in the cabin.

The all-new Crew Van comes with Nissan’s standard warranty of 5 years or 160,000 kilometres, and 8 years/ 160000 kms for the EV battery warranty, ensuring peace of mind for every journey. *

SOURCE: Nissan

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