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Automotive World Magazine – November 2021

Automotive World Magazine features the best and sharpest Automotive World content, curated specifically to help you understand the future of mobility

Automotive World Magazine – November 2021

From buses and pick-ups to passenger cars and mobility services, all segments are feeling the pressure to clean up emissions and offer connected, automated features. This month Automotive World Magazine sits down with Volvo Buses President Anna Westerberg to hear more about its CASE leadership aspirations. In the pick-up segment, Atlas CEO and Founder Mark Hanchett offers a candid and colourful look at the exciting world of electric pick-ups.

We also take a deep dive into developments in EV battery recycling and repurposing—these aspects may be pivotal to long-term EV success, but they might not prove very profitable.

Meanwhile, Motional claims to have cracked the cost-optimisation challenge on autonomous ride-hailing. Lyft is also making progress with its contribution to self-driving mobility and is positioning to become a central piece of the multi-modal ecosystem.

In this issue:

  • Volvo Buses sets the pace for industry CASE transformation
  • Atlis becomes latest electric pick-up competitor
  • Does Lyft set the mould for future-proofing mobility operators?
  • Battery business models beyond the EV: more questions than answers
  • An inside look at the Detroit Smart Parking Lab
  • From Apple to Foxconn: smartphone players step up EV offensive
  • Robotaxis get real as Motional cracks cost optimisation
  • Don’t overestimate microtransit’s transport potential
  • Accurate maps can improve ADAS comfort
  • Future mobility: disruptive innovation or incremental advancement?
  • Long-haul trucking juggles tech innovation and practical hurdles
  • Bolt battery recall: what will it take to put out the fire?
  • Musk’s appearance at VW conference isn’t what it seems
  • Prepare for the new look auto show

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