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Automotive World Magazine – May 2021

Automotive World Magazine features the best and sharpest Automotive World content, curated specifically to help you understand the future of mobility

Automotive World Magazine – May 2021

Connected technology is creating a new mobility paradigm, and nobody does connected like Huawei. The company is the world’s largest holder of 5G patents and actively jockeying for a leadership position in the booming electric vehicle (EV) segment. Ambitions are high, but the Chinese giant continues to face headwinds over national security concerns. This month we sit down with Chief Technology Officer Paul Scanlan, who is not only steering the company’s technology strategy but also dispelling myths.

On the other side of the world, autonomous vehicle pioneer Waymo is welcoming new leadership as John Krafcik steps down. Krafcik was instrumental in positioning the company at the vanguard of self-driving, but new leadership could steer it in a fresh direction. Similar changes are underway at Alfa Romeo North America, which now falls under the leadership of Larry Dominique, the former Chief Executive of Peugeot North America. Dominique has 30 years of experience under his belt and a reputation as a global retail guru.

This issue also takes a deep dive into some of the latest advances on the EV front, including innovative aerodynamic designs and a motor that doesn’t use rare earth magnets or copper.

In this issue:

  • Lessons in future-proofing from Huawei’s Chief Technology Officer
  • What does new leadership mean for Waymo?
  • No comic book fantasy: Professor X readies the super-human car
  • Is this the world’s most sustainable EV motor?
  • Huge opportunities if automotive and travel industries converge
  • Zonal architectures are the connected skeleton of future mobility
  • Aerodynamics has direct impact on EV efficiency
  • The future of retail, Alfa Romeo style
  • In-vehicle healthtech is a promising but hypothetical space
  • US poised for surge in domestic battery making
  • New transmission tech could prove game-changing for electrified trucks
  • For the connected vehicle services market, what’s not to love about blockchain?
  • Middle-mile AV developer set for rapid growth
  • Planning beyond the pandemic: mapping the path to 2050

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