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Automotive World Magazine – August 2021

Automotive World Magazine features the best and sharpest Automotive World content, curated specifically to help you understand the future of mobility

Automotive World Magazine – August 2021

The spotlight this month shines on electrification efforts and the many strategies at work to clean up the industry. From Europe’s defacto ICE ban with Fit for 55 to the launch of the first Brazilian-designed and made electric truck, the headlines point to a step change underway. Stellantis has effected a rapid about-face, judging by the statements made at its EV Day event, and VW is pushing harder than ever on this front as it attempts to shake off the lingering effects of Dieselgate.

France, meanwhile, has welcomed a brand new player in the form of Hyvia, a joint venture devoted to hydrogen LCVs. President David Holderbach provides an inside look at the JV’s strategy, which sees it providing not just hydrogen fuel cell vehicles but also the hydrogen on which they run, the fuelling stations and even fleet maintenance and management.

This issue also takes a deep dive into Magna’s ADAS ambitions and its acquisition of Veoneer, which could prove one of the most significant automotive M&A transactions of the year.

In this issue:

  • Electric only beyond this point: Europe proposes de facto ICE ban
  • Stellantis wants to lead the EV pack
  • Where has the pandemic left the autonomous revolution?
  • Could Hyvia catalyse the hydrogen LCV segment?
  • In the shared mobility space, failure is good
  • Will battery swapping dominate ‘traditional’ EV charging?
  • What does fleet futureproofing look like post-COVID?
  • New mobility must focus on maximising societal benefits
  • Self-healing materials to shape the cars of the future
  • Traton plays the long game with electric delivery in Brazil
  • Shared EV chargers provide a home away from home
  • The automotive industry needs a telecoms mindset
  • Out with the old, in with the new at VW AGM
  • Magna jockeys for ADAS leadership with Veoneer acquisition

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