Suppliers target cleaner, cheaper battery manufacturing

Norway’s newest battery company aims to slash CO2 emissions generated during the production of battery cells. Freddie Holmes investigates

The technologies that underpin electric vehicle (EV) batteries have become relatively mature in a short period of time. Start-ups are devising game-changing solutions as automakers seek better performance at lower cost, and efforts are also being made at a factory level to tackle the ‘hidden emissions’ that are associated with EVs.

Special report: Electric vehicle battery technology

Norway-based manufacturer Freyr is one such supplier and is due to go public on the New York Stock Exchange through a merger with Alussa Energy, a Cayman Islands-listed special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) that was formed in 2019. The deal values Freyr at US$1.4bn and will give the company an immediate US$850m boost to the balance sheet.

SPAC deals—also…