‘Cascading’ alerts help AVs bring drivers back to attention

Drivers need time and context to safely regain control when autonomous mode is disengaged, writes Freddie Holmes

An increasing level of automation means that vehicles must communicate with drivers on new levels. A flashing icon on the dashboard might be fine for a low fuel warning, but automated driving systems require different solutions. The human-machine interface (HMI) is due for a significant revamp over the coming years

Special report: Automotive HMI

In the long term, fully autonomous systems could afford drivers the opportunity to read or watch TV behind the wheel. The near-term challenge relates to SAE Level 3 systems which, in specific situations, mean the driver need not focus their full attention on the driving task. Tier 1 suppliers such as Continental are working closely on advanced HMI concepts that can ease drivers back into the loop, drip-feeding information to provide context they might have missed while engaged in other tasks.

The handover scenario…