22nd July 10am Stuttgart | 1:30pm Mumbai | 4am Detroit

Optimize hybrid powertrain emissions without a vehicle

Experts from AVL discuss the company’s virtual Hybrid Engine Test System, which offers a transparent method to increase development efficiency using real-time simulation and a harmonized calibration toolchain.

16th July 4pm Stuttgart | 7:30pm Mumbai | 10am Detroit

How to accelerate the e-drive calibration process

Experts from AVL explain how the PMSM e-drive calibration process can be accelerated using optimized testing solutions and an Active DoE approach.

14th July 4pm Stuttgart | 7:30pm Mumbai | 10am Detroit

Lessons from restarting an automotive plant safely

Adrian Jennings of Ubisense outlines how to turn the short-term cost of re-opening automotive factories into long-term cost savings with smart technology choices.

2nd July 2pm Stuttgart | 5:30pm Mumbai | 8am Detroit

Smart dialogs for in-vehicle infotainment

Soyuj Kumar Sahoo and Dr Timo Sowa of Elektrobit outline a brand agnostic solution to create smart dialogs for in-vehicle infotainment using voice assistants.

Automotive World Magazine

November 2022

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Automotive World Magazine – November 2022

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