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Special report: The evolution of mobility services

 Special report: The evolution of mobility services

Technology is enabling a seemingly endless stream of new car- and transportation-related business opportunities. Perhaps the most significant is the shift from selling and servicing cars to selling mobility as a service. For a while, it looked like the vehicle manufacturers might miss potentially lucrative revenue streams, but recent high-profile OEM announcements show how seriously they are taking the evolution of mobility services.

This Automotive World report presents the views of key industry stakeholders, including OEMs, suppliers, service providers and industry analysts.

In this report:

  • The (r)evolution of city mobility
  • Evolution of mobility services reflects changing demand
  • Moia is starting small, but VW has big ambitions for its mobility brand
  • Geely’s ride-hailing brand aims to become king of electrified trips
  • Mutual benefits: On-demand mobility keeps OEMs on trend
  • Automated mobility services require vehicle design rethink
  • Interview: Nat Parker, Chief Executive, moovel North America
  • Vehicle interior designers prepare for car-sharing and ride-hailing
  • Car-pooling – an enriching social experience?
  • Splitting the difference: innovation essential for car-pool success

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