VivaTech: Renault and Jean-Michel Marre make cars a space for unique soundscape experiences

Renault and Jean-Michel Jarre join forces to outline the goals of their collaboration: make cars a space for unique soundscape experiences

Cars are great spaces in which you can create synergies between tech and the environment. Renault is a fast-changing car manufacturer and I truly wish to incorporate all my skills as a sound engineer into this world of myriad sound experiences.

Jean-Michel Jarre, artist and sound engineer

Jean-Michel Jarre joins Renault in engineering acoustics to develop the sound experience of the brand’s future electric models. Their collaboration revolves around three key areas.

‘Less is More’, the North Star for future cockpits

The ‘Less is More’ technology built into the Scénic Vision concept car reflects Renault’s ambition to design an excellent audio system using as few components as possible. A sustainable tech approach for the benefit of passengers and the on-board experience. This desire informed the soundscape design for the Scénic Vision, which has fewer speakers inside the car. An innovative audio system features mid-bass speakers located in each door with ‘sound bubbles’ installed in each head rest. Passengers thus benefit from augmented, immersive, high-quality acoustics that are specific to each passenger.

New sound signature designed by Jean-Michel Jarre

With electric vehicles booming, now is the time to rethink ‘sound’, both inside and outside. By entrusting Jean-Michel Jarre with the new sound signature of its electric models, Renault teams get to harness the artist’s full range of expertise and creativity. The sound signature covers a range of features: the welcome sequence when entering the vehicle, the entire audio system (components, location, algorithms), as well as the sound emitted by electric vehicles when running under 30 km/h to warn pedestrians (VSP: Vehicle Sound Pedestrian).

‘Sonic Road’, a patented Renault service for an enhanced sensory experience during the whole trip

Last of all, Jean-Michel Jarre will provide artistic insight for the very first algorithm of Renault’s innovative ‘Sonic Road’. This patented Renault service will provide passengers with the ideal soundtrack that draws on both the musical preferences of the driver and contextual information: places, landscapes, weather, or even time of the day. As a researcher and musician, Jean-Michel Jarre has devised a way of pairing contextual data detected by the car with musical content (music, podcasts, news…). A brand-new sensory experience for all passengers that will amplify the feeling of being fully immersed in the surrounding environment.

SOURCE: Renault

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