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Venice bets on Solaris hydrogen buses!

In recent days, the Solaris company has secured several significant orders in the Italian market

In recent days, the Solaris company has secured several significant orders in the Italian market. One of them is a major contract to supply hydrogen buses to Venice. The transport company Azienda Veneziana della Mobilita has ordered a total of 90 hydrogen Solaris buses, with 75 of them being the 12-meter version and 15 being articulated buses. The contract also includes an option to increase the order quantity.

Venice is another Italian city that is committed to developing emission-free mobility, not only through the purchase of battery buses but also hydrogen-powered ones. AVM has just placed an order for 75 units of the 12-meter Urbino hydrogen and 15 articulated Urbino 18 hydrogen buses by Solaris. According to the agreement, these vehicles will be delivered to Venice gradually, starting from November 2025, and the deliveries will be completed in the first weeks of 2026.

It’s worth noting that 30 battery-powered Solaris Urbino 12 electric buses and 4 hydrogen-powered Urbino 12 are already running in and around Venice.

Solaris Urbino hydrogen buses are entirely emission-free vehicles that use hydrogen converted into electrical energy as their power source. One of the advantages of hydrogen buses, besides their emission-free and quiet operation, is their long range on a single refueling. With approximately 35 kg of hydrogen for a 12-meter bus and 50 kg for an articulated vehicle, these buses can travel a minimum of 350 km.

A new feature in the hydrogen buses for AVM will be the hydrogen refueling valves located on both sides of the buses above the front wheel arch.

According to the contract, the order of 90 hydrogen buses can be extended with an option, which could mean an additional order of 13 twelve-meter buses and 5 articulated versions.

In Europe, interest in a zero-emission solution based on hydrogen technology is constantly growing. Solaris is the European leader in this segment, with deliveries and contracts already covering more than 300 hydrogen buses.

SOURCE: Solaris

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