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To give free rein to our customers imagination, Citroën AMI offers even more customization possibilities

Citroën has decided to take the customization of its quadricycle even further by offering a collection of Ami decorative stickers, and even decoration created from customers’ own images or photos, for a unique result that reflects their personality

With Ami, Citroën has broken free of convention by creating an unusual design object. Citroën now offers the potential for customization enabling each customer to ensure that their Ami reflects their personality.

Its toy-like appearance, its diminutive size, its unusual cube-like shape and symmetrical parts make it instantly irresistible. Its relatively flat side surfaces and identical, lightly rounded front and rear bumpers are easily customizable.

“Ami lends itself perfectly to customization. Its specific exterior colour is deliberately fairly neutral so that it can work with colourful accessory packs. For the collection of decorative stickers that invigorate the exterior colour, we looked beyond the automotive sector to draw inspiration from highly colourful graphic universes such as fashion, and particularly street wear, as well as vintage decoration, to create a unique style.”

Citroën has developed a customization solution with its partner Faab Fabricauto, a specialist in this technique. Customers are therefore free to choose their decoration from the available collection or else awaken their inner artist, by asking for a creation from among their own photos and coming up with the text they want to see displayed on their vehicle’s body.

New customization possibilities

The Citroën Collection of decorative stickers for Ami with even more personality

Six patterns have been designed by the Citroën teams: Jungle to give Ami a wild side, Tutti Frutti for your five-a-day, the ever-so-British Globetrotter, Camo for a techno look, Tribe for nature-lovers and Trendy to keep it chic.

Staying with the DIY principle, customers have the option of customizing their Ami themselves. Applying stickers is easy – just follow the instructions for use contained in the accessories pack ordered. An application tutorial is also available on the dedicated website,

Stickers can be affixed to one area of Ami or several to enable customers to manage their budget. Three offers are available between €29 and €89:

1 decoration for the lower door pods X2 – €29,
4 lower door decorations (3 stickers for the large pod and 1 sticker for the small pod) X2 – €69,
4 lower door decorations X2 + 1 front bumper sticker + 1 rear bumper sticker – €89.

Bespoke decorative solutions for a more personal AMI

From private customers treating themselves by standing out and demonstrating their personality to companies looking to convey their image or encourage employees’ sense of belonging, this solution offers significant creative freedom.

Customized stickers, made by our partner Faab Fabricauto in France, can be created from the customers’ images or photos. Decoration can be partial (between €259 and €359 depending on the number of sticker zones) or global (from €619) depending on requirements and budget. A discount is available for orders of two or more decorative sticker sets.

Customers have various delivery options available (at home or from pick-up points) which they can confirm when ordering on the e-commerce site at

AMI lends itself perfectly to customization

Since its launch in February 2020, Ami has been available in seven versions, including six with three customization levels: decorative and functional accessory kits for both exterior and interior – door nets, storage bins in the dashboard, central dividing net between driver and passenger, bag hook, smartphone clip, floor mats, wheel trims, door stickers, etc., available in four colours (Orange, Grey, Khaki and Blue) to install yourself, the “Pop” version with a younger, more sporty look, equipped with its rear spoiler, and the more high-end, chic and graphic “Vibe” version, incorporating the roof trims. The vast majority of customers have chosen to decorate their Ami, with more than 80% choosing to add an accessory pack. And to complete these various options, a large collection of Ami products is available from the e-commerce site.

The My Ami range is available to order from the dedicated e-commerce site, which now takes customization even further if you would like to promote your company or simply allow yourself to have some fun.

This new customization option, already available in France, will be offered in all countries where Ami is sold by the end of 2021.

SOURCE: Citroën

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